Facebook Announces Chat Bots For Messenger, Live Video API To Drones And More To Dropbox

Facebook finally started its development of Messenger platform by building a relationship with one of the world’s bestly used cloud storage providers. Users around the world are now able to share files stored in an active Dropbox account directly into the existing and new Facebook Messenger conversations without any need having to leave the app and jump through multiple hoops to either store the files locally on device, or copy paste and share a direct Dropbox link. This integration is now live and accessible directly via Facebook’s Messenger app under the “More” section. Offered by three dots icon in a chat environment, along with a host of other exiting implementations. Dropbox has now been introduced into the whole system.


Apart from the aforemtioned, Facebook also announced Chat Bots for Messenger, opening Live Video API to drones and much more. Aimed at allowing lost connections to reacuaint themselves with one another. facebook also like to boast that part of the astronomical social experience centered around the fact that businesses on Facebook and end-users have together exchanged more than one billion messages between them, which lead the way for the introductin of Facebook’s new chat bots, officially callerd as “Bots for Messenger”, as announced during the company’s annual F8 developer conference today.


With Bots, Facebook Messenger will now let businesses build bots for its Messenger service, further opening of the platform means that powerful brands and companies of all sizes will be able to enlist the services of development talent to build software that will interact with users of Messenger on behalf of the social-network. A bit like social artificial intelligence.

Since Facebook released it as a standalone app and service, while Mark Zuckerberg hmself managed to draw a laugh from the audience by proclaiming that Messenger was the “fastest growing app” last year. Ahead of the main Facebook app, obviously.

Messenger although boasts a total of 900 million active monthly users, when compared to 600 million last year and 800 million in January 2016. It also acquired the messaging space by processing almost 60 billion messages per day, making it three times more than SMS vs WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned WhatsApp Messenger reached one billion mark, which makes perfect sense for Facebook to be inroducing this level of chat artificial intelligence at this stage as part of an attempt to further increase the presence of businesses on the platform.

Once these chat bots are live for everyone in iOS, Android and other mobile apps, they’ll be accessible to users through a persistent search bar that will sit at the top of the app’s interface.


Users of Messenger app can quickly and easily search for any bot that they want to interact with in order to engage with a business or brand. Behind the scenes, facebook also recommended available bots based on usage habits or preferences within the app. Bit worry? But probably no less than we’ve come to expect from companies that harvest data like Facebook.

This video here showing how Bots for Messenger works in action:

Now, that was Bots for Messenger, facebook also introduced its Live video API to everyone, letting developers use the API to build the live streaming to Facebook broadcasting functionality in any app they want. DJI, the company that makes drones, is among the launch partners, will let its drone customers live stream to Facebook directly from their DJI drones.

Apart from all, also announced today was Facebook Account Kit and a Save button to developers. Using the Facebook Account Kit, users will be able to sign in into facebook’s apps and services simply by putting their phone number. The Save button on the either hand will enable users to save stories, links they like on their favorite websites to Facebook for reading them later offline.

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