Facebook Is Finally Getting A Dislike Button, Confirms Mark Zuckerberg

It’s official now. After numerous requests and hints, Facebook is working on a new Dislike button to its most popular social networking site, but don’t be so excited, as it won’t work the way you think it would, nor like Reddit’s up and downvote mechanism.

In other words, Facebook is building an empathy button, and that’s not “Dislike”. Button that has long been the most subsequent requests from FB users that pointed out the obvious opportunity. Finally, Facebook is at least listening to users and cfonsidering the addition of a Dislike buuton to its social network site.

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed the social network giant’s plans to begin testing said feature in a live Q&A session that started streaming at 11:30 PT today. During the similar Q&A last year, he had tipped toward the possibility of the addition of more sentiments to express regarding the content of a post, much like those in the “feeling” feature that can be used with your own updates. This time around, nevertheless, it however seems we might be seeing a provisional Dislike button popu up on our feeds very soon, and in the form of an actual button and not just a sticker.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that the dislike button is not a way to “downvote” someone’s post but essentially a way to “express empathy” as not “every moment is a good moment”. Sticking to their initial plan, Facebook will not be introducing the button to create a voting system similar to Reddit’s, but to give users the option to express empathy where the “Like” sentiment doesn’t fit, anymore. For instance, if you’re thinking about another way to troll people on facebook Pages or that you’ll be able to downvote all status updates by that one friend you find annoying, you’re probably out of luck.

What then? It’s not clear whether the social network will accomplish this with one button or multiple options, like the serveral emoji-styled reactions Slack users have at their disposal, or even this feature will be limited to posts or extended to Pages as well, is unknown nor classified.

In fact, Zuckerberg mentioned that it was one of the reasons the social networking giant has taken this long to adopt the feature, which will roll out the dislike button broadly after checking how are the users taking it. The new addition should become available to users soon, most likely to select users or regions and on an optional basis. If it indeed survives this public testing phase, then, it’ll be officially pushed out to all of Facebook.

While the single reaction buttons does keep things tickle simple, and such as check-ins, “Listening to” and “Watching” updates are still quite few variables to consider here, like multiple reactions by a user under a single post as well as reactions for pages and different post types. Now that it’s to be seen how Facebook implements multiple reactions;whether it’s through a subtle UI element or a major reshuffling manner of the current design.

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