Facebook Lite Launched, Enables FB Sharing On Low-End Android Phones

Facebook has not rolled out apps for stickers inside Messenger, Groups and new addition for Rooms,launched another standalone app, Facebook Lite. For low-end Android devices, this app is specifically designed for such phones in emerging markets.

Facebook Launches Lite App For Growing Markets
The Facebook Lite app on Android phones particularly uses less data connection and is aimed at users living in current marketing. Especially, the social media giant seemed like a good enough marketing step to promote the messenger and is targeted with those poor internet service and are limited to 2G networks.

Facebook’s new ‘Lite’ application has quitely made its way to the Google Play Store. It’s essentially a lightweight version only weighs at 252KB and the app as aforementioned aims to offer services to low-end devices at faster speeds and best of all, with lower bandwidth.

This Facebook Lite app is currently available in just eight countries, such as Africa and Asia, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Veitnam, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Surrports devices running Android 4.4 Foryo.

If you manage to get your hands on the APK you should also be able to enjoy a simpler Facebook experience. Lite arrived in developing markets and an Android One style of approach is truely necessary ans is also officially marketed as a compromise solution for low-end handsets that can not handle the Facebook’s “full experience”.

The app is based on the Snaptu software that facebook uses on feature phones and brings features like push notification and upload photos. Facebook Lite also includes FB messenger that is not present in Facebook’s main app.

Notably, Facebook already has its Internet.org project, which eventually provides free access to a range of mobile internet services and Web content and Facebook. Internet.org is currently limited to a section of countries like Ghana, Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia, all of them situated in Africa.

[Download: Facebook Lite for free – Play Link]

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