Facebook Messenger Gets Uber Integration, 3D Touch Support That Taps And More

The growing Facebook Messenger user can now order up an Uber car ride without leaving the social network giant’s communication app. Introducing transportation on Messenger, and in your place to communicate seamlessly with also like to get Uber cars will be pleased to learn that they can indeed take advantage of both those things at the same time.

With the Messenger app gaining new support for Uber, Facebook has today updated its initiative, and somewhat uncharacteristically, the company has seen fit to actually tell users what has changed. Release notes of the Messenger app, usually, Facebook’s apps tell users nothing of what has been added or changed between releases, but today’s update is different speaks about integration and support for 3D Touch and more.


For those who use Facebook Messenger on iOS and Android now are able to order Uber cars right from within the app itself without even having the Uber app installed. Great! New feature added inside the facebook update says is the latest “integration” to be added to Messenger, also gives users free $20 credit if they link their Uber and Facebook accounts.

Today, we’re expanding the services available to you with our launch of transportation on Messenger. With this new feature, you can request a ride from a car service without ever needing to download an extra app or leave a conversation. It’s super easy and doesn’t take you away from the plans that you’re making with your friends or family.

Need an Uber? Just send a message. Those looking to order an Uber car in Facebook Messenger can either search for the company by name or tap an address inside a conversation. That address will then become the destination for your ordered Uber card ride. There is a handy car icon above the keyboard that will also take users into the Uber portion of facebook Messenger. Worth noting that at this point Uber integration is only being rolled out in the United States, with not all areas supported just yet.

Facebook Messenger Uber Gets Tap Feature


All users of the Messenger app have to do is tap an address, which links them to the ride-hailing feature or car icon and their Uber accounts right in the chat window. You’ll be prompted with a request-a-ride option, which comes in the form of those exact words or a car icon that links right to your Uber account. Once a ride has been requested, Facebook says “driver status updates and payment receipts will get delivered to a private conversation between you and Uber” within Messenger. Pretty cool.

As aforementioned, this Facebook Messenger-Uber service is currently being tested with select users within Uber-operating cities in the United States. If it goes over well, Facebook promised to include other countries and transportation partners as part of the Messenger tab feature.


Aside this new support for Uber, Facebook Messenger on iOS has also received support for the iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch, allowing new and existing conversations to be launched from the app’s icon on the Home screen. Christmas-related emoji’s were also added, as was the ability to invite anyone with a phone number to chat.

The partnership with Facebook, Uber is giving its users a free ride of up to $20 the first time they use this feature through Messenger, which is very much considerable. All one has to do to see if they can try out the feature is download the latest version of Messenger.

Facebook Messenger can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store and is completely free.

(Source: Facebook)

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