Facebook Reportedly To Launch Low-Cost Wi-Fi Services In Indian Market

Users of social networking site Facebook who are aware of its free internet intitiative ‘Internet.org’ has a good news, as said that they will be soon to gain access to cheaper WiFi connection in India. Facebook is said it is looking at innovative ways to provide connectivity in the country, according to the Vice President for mobile and global access policy Kevin Martin of Facebook.

Martin also said that at the India Economic Convention 2015 that facebook is also planning to launch a special Wi-Si service in the country which would aid in subsidizing the cost of accessing internet. He said “We are rolling out a kind of Wi-Fi service at a lower cost which is trying to adjust cost issue in other countries and looking out to do that in India.”

Impressive word from him added that Facebook’s internet service would come without advertisements and videos, thereby consuming lesser bandwidth and benefiting users. The connectivity lab of Facebook has been effortlessly working with drones and unmanned aerial vehicles to lower the cost of service to people. Once iterated, the Social networking giant supports the concept of net neutrality and Internet.org initiative is to enable people to realize the importance of the internet by providing access to basic web services free of data cost.

What do you think about affordable Facebook’s Wi-Fi service in India?

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