Apple Releases Beta 6 Of OS X 10.11.4 And watchOS 2.2 Download For Developers And Public Beta Testers

Just after releasing iOS 9.3 beta 6, Apple has seeded beta 6 seeds of OS X 10.11.4 and watchOS 2.2 for both of registered members of Developer and Public Beta program testers.

Both beta updates dropped about a week after Apple released the previous versions of the in-development software. Pre-releases although represent what could be the finishing touches on the platforms as we gear toward an official public release.

The final release of OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan will be focused on supprting a number of new features for Mac systems, and owners will see a native supportfor Live Photos within the OS X Messages app, as well as the ability to password protect created Notes within the stock Notes app that ships with OS X. That coexist nicely with an integration in iOS 9.3 that introduced Touch ID protection to Notes app. Beta 6 of OS X 10.11.4 anchors on trying to stabilize the overall user-experience by bringing under-the-hood enhancements.

Still not discovered of any outward facing changes that will directly benefit those interacting with the latest beta 6 compared to previous.

Those of you already running previous beta builds of OS X 10.11.4 can grab the new update from the Mac App Store. Intalling El Capitan 10.11.4 beta for the for time can also do this. Download it from OS X or

watchOS 2.2 Beta 6

For Apple Watch, this release is perhaps something more interesting, and only because it’s a relatively new platform. watchOS 2.2 beta 6 is immediately available to those members registered.

Like its OS X counterpart, watchOS 2.2 beta 6 doesn’t really get any new alterations to wax lyrical about compared to beta 5 version. It’s in the stage of production, most of the changes are on-board improvements, and this too to fine tune and hone the features and additionbs that were previously made available with the first and second betas.

Used in conjunction with iOS 9.3, Apple Watch owners can pair multiple smartwatch units with a single iPhone, and watchOS 2.2 will get a revamped look and feel to specific part of the stock Apple Maps app for watchOS.

Well! The latest beta version of watchOS 2.2 can be obtained via OTA update method by launching the Watch app on iPhone and head over to General > Software Update to download the update.

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