Apple Releases tvOS 9.1 Download For Apple TV 4, Here’s What Is New

The fourth-generation Apple TV gets the major tvOS 9.1 update, and be the first available to download tvOS operating system. For Apple TV 4, tvOS 9.1 has been testing since November 3, just a few days after the final versin of tvOS was released alongside the new Apple TV hardware in October.

The Cupertino-based company, Apple has finally flipped the switch on tvOS 9.1 download for Apple TV 4. Firmware of the tvOS brought with it the first look at the new Apple TV App Store. With multiple tvOS 9.1 betas have been analysed and tested by registered developers has provided us with a fairly early insight into what was going to be introduced when the switch was finally flicked.

Betas of tvOS 9.1 has introduced support for Siri search for Apple Music, allowing fourth-generation Apple TV owners to ask Siri to play content from Apple Music. On the Apple TV for Apple’s digital voice assistant, Siri, works similarly to Siri for Apple Music on iOS devices, enabling queries like “What was the top song in 1980?” or “Play Adele’s latest single.”

The new inegration in tvOS 9.1 means that users of the Apple TV are finally able to use audible descriptions via the Siri remote to search for content within Apple Music. Siri integration has also been introduced more xontextual type search abilities, such as being able to ask “what was the top and trending song in 1995?”.

The tvOS 9.1 update includes several bug fixes for issues discovered in the current version of tvOS. Apple has finally added support for Remote app on iOS for text entry using iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch on the new Apple TV.

The release of tvOS 9.1, like most versions of any of Apple’s platforms, also brings a significant number of fixes and internal improvements that are designed to iron out a multiple number of tvOS’s maiden faults. Apple specifically mentions that improvements have been made to how the Apple TV now handles networking via tvOS 9.1, alongside improving the scrolling performance when interacting with foremost and third-party apps via the new Siri remote.

Lucky enough to own one of Apple’s fourth-generation TV units are already knwn on how to download and update to the latest version of tvOS 9.1 Over-The-Air (OTA).

Download-and-Install right now
Given the fact that, Apple will already be working on bringing some new features and functionality to the Apple TV with a tvOS 9.2 update. Expect the initial beta seed sooner rather than later.

Download: tvOS 9.1 for Apple TV (fourth-generation)

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