BitTorrent Shoot Quickly Shares Photos And Videos Between iOS, Android And Windows Phone [Download Links]

Think it’s hard these days to transfer or exchange media files over one platform to another? Then here’s a download link of BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer app which makes you share quickly. Shoot is powered by BitTorrent Sync’s P2P technology, is one of the company’s file-sharing roots now allows users to quickly and privately share photos and videos with friends. I mean it’s a new BitTorrent app that harkens back, offering users a perfect way to easily share multiple video and pic files with one another through a simple QR code.


Shoot is BitTorrent Sync technology-based app lets you move media directly between people without going through the cloud, enables yu to share larger files without any hassle. Available for iOS, Android App Stores and Windows Phone, and works witl all three major mobile platforms and that too without size limits and more importantly, security without the need for accounts or going through the Cloud storage.

Like with BitTorrent Sync, we never monetize the user indirectly. On Shoot, you’ll never see an ad. Sharing is fully private and not harvesting any user data, says BT. BitTorrent notes that your first 3 sends are free, and you’ll have to pay out a one-time fee of $1.99 to send more after that. Bonus here with BitTorrent Shoot is that it is always free for person receiving the files.


How to share media files between cross-platforms using Shoot? To share a picture or a clip, you need to open the BitTorrent app, Shoot. Tap on ‘Send’, select photos and videos directly. It generates a QR code, which will of course need to be scanned by those who want to share by tapping ‘Receive’ on their gadget.

Although, it’s not a freeware alltime (Free with in-app purchase) app from BitTorrent. Shoot competes with ShareIt, FotoSwipe etc in this category of peer-to-peer sharing technology.

(Download BitTorrent Shoot for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone)

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