CyanogenMod Actually Wants To Keep Your Apps Protected And Safe

Integrating fingerprint authentication, CyanogenMod will let you lock away your apps in order to keep them safe and protected. For Android users, CyanogenMod has already been known as the custom CM OS release which brings with it some best customization features and elements to transform your device into what you really want to show it right using Theme launcher apps. The new update from CyanogenMod is somewhat different and as a whole looking to add some protective interface, that will allow users to assign a protected status for any Android apps on the handset including system applications.

One way in particular, you can do it to have a protected folder on your desktop and drop apps into it. Once protected that app, you will never be able to launch the app directly via Chrome or Google Play Store without specific authentication. Great!

You can manually set according to the user’s preference and the method of authentication you can choose to assign a PIN, password, pattern of even by suing your fingerprint to do so. The feature is said still in the works and got not exact timeframe for the official launch. But expected it to come out on CyanogenMod or phones that come stocked with Cyanogen OS.

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