Download: Android M Developer Preview 2 For Nexus 5, 6, 9, Player Released [Direct Links]

Android M Developer Preview 2 is now available to download. The newly released system images support Nexus 5, 6,9, and the Nexus Player, which should give developers the chance to try it out on their compatible devices and keep their apps up to date with the changes that will be introduced to Google’s mobile operating system on the go.

Actually announced by Google at its I/O keynote back in May, the Android M was followed by the released of the first developer preview for the oft-mentioned Nexus lineup of devices. Now with the download links of Developer Preview 2 of Android M, Google says that the second release has in fact been tweaked under the hood with some much needed bug fixes and performance enhancements. “The update includes a variety of enhancements and bug fixes made across the system, including those related to issues reported by developers through the external issue tracker.”

The Gig G has been putting its eye and focsuing on fixing and improving permissions, ‘including the fingerprint scanner API, remote Bluetooth/WiFi MAC, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Being this preview arrived as the second version – the release will hiccup here and there including a possible system-wide Messenger app crash on a 64-bit emulator. Wheraes the YouTube users may have to skip on the share function.

The complete changelog of this release is embedded below:


The build is meant primarily for developers, giving them access to test out existing app compatibilities, or add something entirely new form of scartch using the new Android M’s API set. Now that, there’s more than fair chance that slightly advanced Android users would wish to give it a try with the new release spin-off, especially considering that any prospective consumer update in months away. Brings back the usual warning associated with such beta releases of operating systems; Google is still far off from making final release as a daily-runner, given the new set of APIs and internal changes being introduced to the Android M with world release. So, if you care about general stability in day to day use, you are btter off staying away from this release of Android M DP 2 at the time.

If already installed and running your device on Android M Developer Preview 1, then you can head over to the direct download link below, grab the OTA update either by navigating to Settings > About Phone > System updates then tap on ‘Check For Update.’ If you’re starting fresh then you can get the update from the links provided below.

Here are the direct download links of Android M, listed according to the device.

For instructions on how to download and install/flash Android M on your device from scratch, follow the guide here: Updated soon….!

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