Google Releases Android N Preview, You Can Download It From Here

Google has surprsied everyone today by releasing first preview images of Android ‘N’ version 7.0 for Nexus 6P, 5X, 6, Nexus 9, Nexus Player and Pixel C for download.

Announced and released the latest version 7.0 of Android N developer preview, which is already fast and fluid. Google made this happend just after images leaked into the wild, and took the decision to release preview images of Android 7.0 ahead of May I/O 2016 conference. Interestingly, N is not a major release of Android to warrant an unveil at I/O. Perhaps, the good news is that we now have a brand new Android build to play around with on compatible Nexus devices.

Only install if if you have a spare Nexus mobile. For what is new, Android N brings in some notable new features when compared to Marshmallow, such as Multi-Window support, Direct Reply, and Bundled Notifications.

Find out how split-screen multitaskings work? You can simply operate it by holding down your finger on the top of a window in the main multitasking view and dragging it up to a highlighted area. While the other half gives you secondary multitasking view to pic another app. From there, you can adjust the splitter up or down in potrait mode or left and right in landscape. That is the way it actually worked with third-party apps like Twitter that probably weren’t built for it.

Multi-Window, although allows yu to run two apps side-by-side in a split-screen mode. Full-screen apps like games, as you might have guessed already. It works in a similar fashion to the Split View mode on Apple’s iPad which was introduced with iOS 9 last year. In Android N, Google allows this feature to run across both phones and tablets. Play with picture-to-picture feature as well, which is again similar to the one foun in iOS 9 for iPads.

There’s a new way to handle Quick Settings, too. By giving users a short row of icons at the top of the notification shade, and hitting one of those buttons will directly toggle Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or whatever. On the notification front, users will now be able to reply to an incoming message directly from the shade witout having to jump into the app. Google calling it Direct Reply, and if you pull it down further, you can customize what appears in Quick Settings – adjust Battery or Data Saver, take you to some inline information instaed of bumping you over to the main screen.

Apps will now be able to bundle their notifications under their own header, tapping on which will reveal all the alerts from that app. Main Settings screen has also been refreshed, where each line shows much more information now. Up at the top, there’s a “Suggested” area of setup that Android brings you’ll want to pay attention t. Found Data Saver, Security, and Wallpaper up there so far.

It seems like Google have made some changes to the Doze feature found in Android Marshmallow as well to increase battery efficiency, along with other interguing enhancements all over. Animations are much faster than they are in Marshmallow.

Android N preview can be downloaded and flashed on Nexus devices right now. Next, Google will also be rolling out an OTA update for installing the preview builds the easier root.

Direct download links for Android N 7.0 developer preview images for Nexus devices are attached below:

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