Download: Android N Developer Preview 4 Beta Factory Images & OTAs Released

After releasing developer preview 3 last month, Google today has made available for download Android N developer preview 4 beta for select Nexus devices. These supported devices include the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus 9 LTE, General Mobile 4G (Android One model), Pixel C and the Android TV-powered Nexus Player.

Android N is Google’s latest major release for Android devices. Originally unveiled back in March 2016 and before this year’s Google I/O keynote.

The latest version of the Android N Developer Preview is out now, and teases version number, finalizes APIs, offers system updates for a range of supported Nexus devices and the final SDK for Android N is now live through the SDK as well, so developers can begin compiling their apps and publish them in Google Play. Developers will also be able to run alpha and beta tests of these applications that target API 24 through Play Store if they wish to do so.

As far as its features are concerned, it’s more of a evolutionary update than an revolutionary one, building up on the foundation laid by Android Marshmallow before it. Some notable addition discovered in Android N include improved notifications with ability to quickly reply in line, split-screen multitasking support for both smartphones and tablets, improved memory and battery management, built-in VR support dubbed Daydream VR, new diverse set of emojis, and more.

What’s new in this developer preview 4 release is that, Google has power packed final set of developer APIs in this version, and given the ability to publish apps made with these final APIs to alpha, beta, and production release channels in the Google Play Developer Console. Also, developer preview 4 release packs he usual bug fixes and performance enhancements. You can either way test your app’s backward-compatibility and push updates to users whose devices are running developer preview 4.

There are two ways to get grip of this latest Dp4 release of Android N. The easiest and recommended way is to enroll yourself on the free Android Beta Program and grab the OTA file directly on your supported Nexus devices. Full instructions on how to go about this method is detailed here: How To Install Android N Preview OTA Update Via Android Beta Program [The Easy Way].

Secondly, more complex method, takes more time, but nevertheless, it lets you clean install the firmware on your device by flashing the firmware. Which route you planning is up to your choice, you can grab the required Android N developer preview 4 factory images for supported devices from below:

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