Download iOS 8.4.1 Beta 2 For iPad, iPhone, iPod touch [Developers]

It’s the second beta of iOS 8.4.1 download released by Apple. For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, iOS 8.4.1 beta 2 comes two weeks after the initial beta and continues the progression of iOS after the final public release of iOS 8.4 wes believed into the world containing and upgraded Music app with immediate access to Apple Msuic.

Now that the beta 2 of iOS 8.4.1 seeded to the users in the registered on the Apple Developer Program. Usually the case with these last minute iOS beta seeds, waht has actually changed within the operating system in the two weeks remains largely unknown at the present time.

Today’s beta, build 12H318, is available via an over the air update and can be downloaded from the Developer Program portal, if you’re in. This latest developer build will be packed full of important bug fixes and performance enhancements that have been considered crucial based on initial feedback from the first seed.

iOS 8.4.1 finds itself in a rather strange position. Insiders and many analysts  believed that the public release of iOS 8.4 would have been the last version available for iOS 8 considering iOS 9 is currently in an advanced state of development with both developers and the general public providing continuous feedback. iOS 9 is currently in beta testing and will be released in the fall, but Apple seems like not yet ready to turn its back on iOS 8 and is continuing to engage developers in an attempt to fine tune the current iOS experience as much as possible.

While when jailbreak is concerned, rumors spread that Apple has already patched TaiG’s iOS 8.4 exploits with beta 1 of 8.4.1, though there is no 100% confirmation of that as yet. iOS 8.4.1 beta 2 is available to all the members who are enrolled in the Apple Developer Program.

Interested ones can put this iOS 8.4.1 beta build on test device, by downloading beta 2 from Apple Developer Program, and of course it happens to be already running the initial 8.4.1 beta on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch dvice. Second beta should be showing up as an OTA update at any time now.

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