Download: iOS 9.1 Is Now Available As Public Beta 1 To Testify

Apple hasn’t ended its iOS beta program, rather it started again. With iOS 9 set to arrive on public iPhones and iPads next week, developers received a Gold Master release on September 9th, a day later those on the Public Beta Program also gets a new beta to test. But it’s iOS 9 beta 1, instead of iOS 9.

The company has at Apple’s media event also seeded the first developer beta of iOS 9.1, when the iOS 9 GM went live. Now that, the same beta release is available for everyone to test drive, so long as they are registered with Apple Public Beta Program.

For that download link, a person needs to do is enroll their iPhone or iPad on the Apple Public Beta website, install a profile, and then reboot their device. Once done successfully, according to the plan – iOS 9 should then appear as an available update via Settings -> General -> Software Update. Step-by-step guide here on how to proceed.

iOS 9.1 Beta 1 For Public
It’s said that iOS 9.1 includes a hostof new emoji, including one for middle finger, as expected, other than that nothing is well-known about. iOS 9.1 is also the software that the recently announced but not-yet went on sale, iPad Pro. Will come pre-installed with it, which means that support for the new iPad and all that entails is here in iOS 9.1’s first beta, and developers will want to dig into the new tools to teardown now have to work with in order to support the latest, oversized 12.9-inch iPad.

Installing iOS 9.1’s first beta release on your existing device resides with your choice. We’re of courese not sure, we would be rushing to do it ourselves, especially given the links of iOS 9’s GM build. Notably, as we heard that iOS 9.1 offers some considerable improvements in speed over even the GM build of iOS 9. Vary!

If you are really interested in giving iOS 9.1 a try at this point, just make sure you’re all backed up first. Thanks!

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