Download iOS 9 Beta 5 And Install Public Beta 3 To Get All 15 Wallpapers For Free [Titbits]

Apple has released iOS 9 Beta 5 Download and Public Beta 3 on 7th of August. As I was a bit late to introduce you with what the two betas brought with them, of course, many other changes – such as Wallpapers section, where the Mac maker added 15 brand new Retina-ready wallpapers for all iPhonew, iPad and iPod touch devices which also include the latest iteration, the iPod touch 6.


First off, Apple seeded fith iOS 9 beta to developers, and all those having iPhones or iPads installing it to check out what in this new release. However, new features are always the name of the game at this point in the beta code, iOS 9 beta 5 brings with it more than some much-needed stability fixes. Given you the han on the major changes and additional features that have arrived in this new release. If you’re using this fith beta release of iOS 9, if we missed anything new in the list – let us know.

Let’s get started. For those eager to know all about what’s coming in iOS 9 ahead of its release, we’ve rounded up a complete list of the changes introduced with iOS 9 beta 5 below.

New Wallpapers


Apple with this update, includes a wide selection of new wallpapers, introducing images featuring close ups of feathers, flowers, plants, and more. Removed some iPhone 5c wallpapers and replaced them with some much more interesting ones. 15 new ones in total.

Keyboard Tweaks


On the iPhone, the keyboard has been tweaked and simplified with new shift and backcpace keys. Where the Shift key is displayed as well as the icons used in places like the ditection button.

Wi-Fi Assist – Calling For AT&T


Beta 5 adds WiFi calling options for AT&T subscribers. Now, when this option is turned on in the Settings app, iOS 9 will use cellular data when the iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection is poor. Currently, attempting to turn the option on results in a message saying WiFi calling is not yet available. There’s also a new WiFi Assist feature that will “automatically use cellular data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor.”

Siri Suggestions

The Siri Suggestions interface has been tweaked slightly, removing the labels for calling and messaging a contact. Now, tapping a contact shows only icons for the mode of contact rather than icons and labels. Only icons are displayed.

CarPlay Inteface Tweaks

Users can now like songs from CarPlay, and new, larger artwork is displayed on-screen. Interface has been updated, changing the way images are displayed behind music controls and adding the ability to heart songs that are playing through Beats 1 radio or Apple Music.

Handoff & Suggested Apps Tweak On The Lock Screen


Previously, Handoff had an option that would allow users to see Lock Screen suggestions for Apple in the App Store for a relevant location. Today, with the iOS 9 beta 5, Handoff functionality has been changed, and only installed apps will be displayed. In the Settings app, Handoff options under General -> Handoff & Suggested Apps, the optin to display App Store apps has been removed.

Text Replacement

In the Settings app, the section where you can create shortcuts for keys has been renamed “Text Replacements.” The new name matches the Mac, however.

Regulatory Info


A new “Regulatory” section that displays regulatory information for iOS devices. If you really like to see those regulatory logos, then you can now do just that from Settings > General > Regulatory in addition to its previous hidden location in Settings > General > About > Legal.

New WiFi Animation

There’s a new animation that’s used when WiFi is turned off. Disabling Wi-Fi now sees the icon fade away rather than disappear one signal arc at a time.

Apple Music

There’s a new “Shuffle All” option at the top of My Music when in Song, Album, or Genre view. It’ll play all songs in a music library on shuffle mode.

In our point of view, iOS 9 beta 5 seems more stable, and certainly more usable as far as speed is concerned than previous incarnations.  Additional feature updates in iOS 9 beta 5 will be added here as they are discovered, launch. iOS 9 is expected to be released to the public in the fall alongside new iPhones.


The update, build number 13A4325c, is available as an over-the-air update and can also be downloaded through the Apple Developer Center.


If you are already running a beta version of iOS 9, you can update to today’s beta 5 build 13A4325c using Apple’s OTA update system. To do this, simply navigate to Settings -> General -> Software Update on your iPhone or iPad and from there update directly to the latest version.

Update x2: Apple released iOS 9 beta 2 download on June 23, the guide above has been updated to reflect the change.

Update x3: iOS 9 beta 3 is now available to download.

Update x4: iOS 9 beta 4 is now available to download.

Update x5: Apple has now released iOS 9 beta 5.

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