Download ISO: Windows 10 1607 Build 14393.10 Anniversary Update Released, How To Install It Now


You can now download official Windows 10 1607 Build 14393.10 Anniversary Update ISO files, which is the RTM build of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Microsoft made available to PC and device owners around the globe.

As the wait is over today. If you didn’t take advantage of Microsoft’s offer “free-of-charge” upgrades to Windows 10 from previous versions when it was live, then you might want to consider grabbing the platform now. Having the latest version of platform running on your PC or tablet device is only reason to grab it while you can. Those benefits are now estimated by the immediate release of the highly-anticipated Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607 Build 14393.10, which is the third cumulative update for 14393 – currently in the process of rolling out to users worldwide.

With that said, who intends to interact and consume this update should be currently running an existing version of Windows 10. Additionally, there is also users who may want to do an entirely new, fresh and clean install and that to want to install to come packaged with the latest additions and enhancements that the Anniversary Update brings.

The Anniversary Update to Windows 10 is certainly a big deal for Microsoft. Not only is it intended to represent the fact that Windows 10 has been rolling out free in the wild and accessible by users for twelve months, but it also been potentially be consumed by more than 350 million devices globally, and all of which will be benefited from the improvements and new features that the Anniversary Update will bring. Users will get those new features, but they will also have immediate access to everything embedded within the update as a whole free-of-charge.

Microsoft has made a complete ISO file of Build 14393.10 available for download to facilitate the quick installation on machines. To those who want to fresh install Anniversary Update. Here’s what you can expect to get from when you run your PC or device through the Windows 10 Anniversary Update process.

The Redmond-based software giant has introduced an all-new Windows Ink experience that aims to bring the power of Windows 10 directly to the tip of a digital pen. Help people using touchscreen devices with Windows 10 to be able to write on that display exactly as they would on a piece of paper. Microsoft has also brought in Cortana improvements that enable better access to the lock screen of a device, and more than power when it comes to saving and recalling information using the digital assistant. Introduced Edge browser, which has finally caught up with the rest of the competition with support for extensions finally rolled out, and of course, some power-saving fine tuning. There’s still a new dark theme mode as well which brings darker theme system-wide to Windows 10 experience.

Other new features includes general ones to make Anniversary Update worthwhile, but have seen changes to help businesses protect data and privacy, improvements to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, as well as taking dramatic steps to bring Windows 10 into the classroom. Learn more about what features from Windows 10 Anniversary Update touts from here.

If you plan on downloading the ISO file that contain the Anniversary Update, you can obviously get up and running with it via Microsoft’s own Windows 10 media creation tool. Microsoft offers a free tool to create ISOs that can be burned directly to a bootable DVD or USB flash drive, which is in turn can be used to install the updated Windows 10 directly to a new machine. More information about this Microsoft tool and how to use it to create bootable USB flash drive can be obtained from here: How To Create Bootable Windows 10 USB Flash Drive [Guide].


How to update/install Windows 10 1607 Build 14393.10 Anniversary Update now:

All Windows 10 users will be able to get access to the Anniversary Update starting today. If Windows 10 hasn’t yet notified you of a pending update, you can manually check if the update has reached your side by heading to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

Windows 10 1607 Build 14393 is now available to download in .ISO files as well. It not only brings with it a number of additions and feature improvements that users can interact with, nevertheless, it also introduces the obligatory slew of bug fixes that are commonplace with all updates. This existing update, which is in fact a Windows 10 has been available globally for over a year, is now accessible to more than 375 million devices across different categories

Alternatively, you can follow our guide here Download Windows 10 Pro ISO File Without Product Key From Microsoft to grab the ISO file directly from Microsoft.

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