Download: macOS Sierra 10.12 GM, watchOS 3 Golden Master, tvOS 10 Released


Apple has made available for download macOS Sierra 10.12 GM build for Mac, watchOS 3 Golden Master for Apple Watch and tvOS 10 GM for Apple TV 4. The three major firmware updates have been released signifying the end of development for those platforms. This release comes right after Apple’s event where the company provided the first official look at 2016 iPhone range, and after seeding iOS 10 / 10.0.1 GM to compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

The Cupertino-based tech company has also provided the first ever Gold Master build to be seeded for the newly named macOS platform. Carrying the GM build number 16A319, it represents the finishing line in testing process that first began with the initial pre-release seeds of macOS Sierra directly after the announcement at this year’s WWDC back in June.

macOS Sierra 10.12 Golden Master (GM) for Mac

The issuance of macOS Sierra 10.12 GM essentially means that Apple deems the platform to be not only feature-complete, rather also making it stable and performant enough into the iMacs and MacBooks of user in the real-world. The newly released Golden Master version of one of Apple’s platforms is exactly the same build number that officially gets pushed out to the public when it eventually go live, somewhere on September 20th, so this is actually the finalized line for the first ever version of the macOS platform.

Looking to grab the free-of-charge upgrade to macOS Sierra 10.12 when it does finally go live has a lot of new features and enhancements to look at.

For those who’re on in the macOS pre-release builds, the platform now has an excellent Siri integration that is accessible from the Dock as well as the Menu Bar. It allows users to find files in Finder, send SMS text Messages, and what not, can even search for content on the worldwide web. Siri integration on the Mac is also able to control HomekKit-enabled items in the home, such as Philips Hue bulbs.

The new macOS Sierra include Auto Unlock. Additional feature that is the ability to instantly unlock a Mac running Sierra using an Apple Watch when in close proximity, and an excellent additions like a Universal Clipbaord, updates to the Photo app, and there’s Apple Pay for the web among other things.

The Golden Master macOS Sierra 10.12 is available to download and install right now on all compatible Macs for those registered with Apple Developer Program. Developers and testers can grab the build as an update from the Mac App Store. Users for the first time can download the installation file directly from

Check out the complete list of macOS Sierra 10.12 compatible Macs from here: List Of macOS Sierra 10.12 Compatible Macs.

watchOS 3 Golden Master (GM) For Apple Watch

Apple has today unveiled the next-generation Apple Watch (Series 2), and its capabilities have been extended through the rapid develppment of its underlying software, the watchOS. This Golden Master release will see the 3rd major version of the operating system, watchOS 3, merged into one of Apple’s most exciting platforms that ultimately paves the way the new Apple Watch Series 2 announced today.

Current owners of Apple Watch Series 1 can also expect a platform that welcomes in loading apps quickly, as well as an all-new Dock and control Center expertise that broows some of the best integrations from iOS and makes them a reality on a small screen. Apple, also took watchOS 3 as an opportunity to introduce a new Scribble Keyboard experience as a better way of inputing text, and to bring new watch faces into the platform. Overall, a new upgrade for both existing and new Apple Watch 2 hardware.

tvOS 10 Golden Master (GM) for Apple TV

Those individuals are on fourth-generation Apple TV hardware, Apple classified the existing Apple TV as the first, but from a platform and firmware perspective. With that said, the fact of the platform growth and the adoption of new features into the tvOS firmware is impressive, with the latest Golden Master of tvOS 10 signifying Apple’s intention to grow the entertainment as fast as possible.

With much more intelligent Siri. Installers of the tvOS 10 GM can expect more conrol over the TV operating system. Contextual voice commands, such as “find me comedies from the 1980s,” can be provided, rather than simply searching for a desired title. By introducing a new Dark Mode into tvOS, Apple has answered the prayers of a lot of Apple TV owners. With a single sign-on for subscription apps, as well as the integration of automatic downloads and HomeKit support for the connected home and set-top box.

Both tvOS 10 and watchOS 3 Golden Master seeds can be downloaded right now from Final version of watchOS 3/tvOS 10 will be available to all alongside iOS 10 on September 13th.

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