Download: macOS Sierra 10.12.1, watchOS 3.1 And tvOS 10.0.1 Released [Final Version]

Apple has released final versions of watchOS 3.1, macOS Sierra 10.12.1 and tvOS 10.0.1 for download on the Apple Watch, Mac and Apple TV 4 respectively. Here’s everything you need to know.

ios-10.1,-macOS Sierra 10.12.1,-watchOS-3.1,-tvOS-10.0.1
Now that you can get the macOS Sierra 10.12.1 final for all compatible Macs, which has released prior to Apple’s dedicated Mac event and also comes after a fairly lengthy beta testing period and continues to push the capabilities and fluidity of its desktop platform.

watchOS 3.1 and tvOS 10.0.1 have been in development for some time now with Apple having pushed out three pre-release seeds of watchOS 3.1 and 4 betas of tvOS 10.0.1. With the latest and final versions of both of Apple’s platform gives us a good idea of the commitment regarding the Apple Watch and the entirely-new Apple TV experience to new levels and heights.

macOS Sierra 10.12.10

The availability of the latest may look fresh and new to those downloading the update via the Mac App Store. That version made its way into the public domain after a beta testing period that has witnessed five pre-release seeds being pushed out to both developers and public testers. Means that a fairly significant and passionate testing community can ensure that the software-based platform is fit for purpose.

With the amendments made to iOS 10.1, it now make Macs running macOS Sierra 10.12.1 now capable of offering support for Portrait mode photos shot on iPhone 7 Plus using the innovative iSight-Duo camera system. Obviously, there are also the obligatory bug fixes, security patches and performance enhancements that not only ties any new functions together and ensures that it plays a big role with the existing platform, and also guarantees the best user-experience possible.

Of course, macOS Sierra 10.12.1 supports the new hardware that will be announced during the “hello again” event. Anyone looking to get a new refreshed Mac in their life will be able to interact directly with support for the new Portrait mode, in addition to supporting all of Apple’s existing Macs, new ones will benefit from the fixes and patches that form part of this latest update to the macOS roadmap.

With macOS Sierra installed on their Mac can head over to the Mac App Store and download it immediately. The OS will be installed as an over-the-air update. Not yet installed macOS, can grab 10.12.1 as a free download from the same Mac App Store.

watchOS 3.1

Always been great to receive a software update for any particular piece of hardware, mainly because it’s rapidly able to see changelogs and actually interact with any new features or release improvements. Apple unfortunately doesn’t appear to have been overly generous with new inclusions in watchOS 3.1, which seems the update designed to offer bug fixes and stability enhancements that should provide a more fludic experience for all Apple Watch owners than anything else.

Apple Watch owners can grab the latest software update directly from the connected Watch iPhone app. watchOS can be downloaded over-the-air by Apple Watch owners using the update solution found right inside the Watch app on iPhones running iOS 10. Before you do so, make sure that Apple Watch is charged up to at least 50% or plugged into a power source.


tvOS 10.0.10

Like the majority of Apple’s software releases over the last few weeks, this new launch is about the progression of the Apple TV platform to definite those fourth-generation Apple TV set owners.

One major improvement expected to be in this release was the introduction of single sign-on. This feature was previously assumed to make it into tvOS 10.1, but it didn’t make so, neither has shown up in tvOS 10.0.1.

All you have here in this release is yet another feature containing bug fixes and stability improvements that look better to enhance the overall tvOS 10 proposition, and definitely, push the Apple TV platform forward in the hope of driving more sales through the mix up of hardware and software.

Apple TV owners should be able to update software on the device directly via the Software Update mechanism. Details can be found once ready for that.

tvOS 10.0.1 Download

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