Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2015, .NET 4.6 For Windows 10

To learn more about the functionality and technology improvements of the most recent preview builds, Microsoft has officially launched the latest version of its Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) about a week before Windows 10 is released to public. The .Net 4.6 is also made available for download, and we’re excited to that. After taking onboard feedbacks from users over the last year, a time period that also included a release candidate, Microsoft feels it has sufficiently improved the Visual Studio IDE enough to release to the general public alongside an update to its Microsoft .NET framework.

Microsoft also released a couple of new download numbers for various tools in the Visual Studio ecosystem, with the official launch of the latest Visual Studio 2015 and an update to its .NET framework. With the much-improved free version of the software for non-enterprise users, has now been downloaded 5 million times since its launch seven months ago. More than 3.2 million developers have now registered for the Visual Studio Online services. Visual Studio Code, the standalone code editor for Windows, Mac and Linux, has seen almost a half a million downloads since its launch three months ago. Half of those downloads came fro Mac and Linux users.

No idea what actually Visual Studio is, then this important Microsoft release probably isn’t for you. It’s a developer environment offered by the Redmond-based company is ultilized by an untold amount of software engineers around the world to craft a plethora of applications that are then deployed and offered for Microsoft’s desktop and mobile operating systems. This launch of Visual 2015 and .NET 4.6 should allow developers to create richer, and more functional apps with greater efficiency.

With this latest version, the company is targeting everything from cross platform development. The Visual Studio 2015 cmes in the form of cross-platform support for developing apps for iOS, Android, Windows and the Web. It also features improvements to how developers will debug and diagnose issues with apps that are in development. Debugging and profiling has been unified into a single Diagnostics Tools window which assists in offering insights to the developer relating to performance of a running application. For Android developers, Visual Studio now even includes a built-in Android emulator. They can even take their C++ language skills and build shared components for their apps. For Autodesk, the advantage here isn’t so much that it could reuse some of its existing code from AutoCAD.

The latest editions of Visual Studio and the .NET framework also offer maximum flexibility for developers looking to build and deploy apps across the web, cloud and mobile devices. In addition to offering VS 2015 and .NET 4.6, Microsoft si also shipping final version of the C#6, VB.NET 12 and Visual Basic 14 programming languages. Microsoft is pretty much confident that the new versions of both C# and Visual Basic will provide “a big step forward for .NET developer productivity.”

The Visual Studio 2015 (VS 2015) is now available to download (or purchase if that situation requires) right away from Microsoft here. Focus on fexibility and allowing developers to concetrate on building mobile experiences across multiple platforms it’s likely that Visual Studio 2015 will be a big hit amongst the development community. Now offers a number of improved integrations with these services, ranging from deployment to monitoring.

(source: Microsoft)

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