Download watchOS 2.2 For Apple Watch, tvOS 9.2 For Apple TV 4 Released [What’s New]

Apple has today made available for download watchOS 2.2 final version for Apple Watch and the Apple TV 4 gets tvOS 9.2 OTA update officially.

For Apple Watch, the watchOS 2.2 brings with it some new features that not only enhances the smartwatch platform, but also ties in nicely with iOS and the latest 9.3 version of that firmware. Apple also pushed a new update with tvOS 9.2 for Apple TV 2 available to download now. It’s being accessible right now both as an over-the-air option and as an update using Apple’s iTunes software on a Mac or PC.

The release of tvOS 9.2 immediately represents the second major update that’s been applied to the fourth-generatin Apple TV since it was introduced to the market late last year.

As a company, Apple has contnually shown willingness to invest resources into building a comprehensive mapping service ever since the introduction of iOS 6.0. Grown over the years to include a fantastic feature-rich vector maps experience that is now cosnumed on iOS, watchOS, tvOS, OS X, and even the company’s CarPlay in-vehicle platform. watchOS 2.2 extends the mapping dedication by bringing a new level of dynamic interaction and feature set to the Maps app on the Apple Watch.

Apple has finally added a “Nearby” search section as part of an effort to compete with the third-party Apple Watch Google Maps app, which can instantly highlight things of potential interest in an around the location of the Apple Watch. Gets the addition of a number of new quick navigation buttons that can easily and quickly involke travel directions to an in from work and home addresses stored within the app. To finish it off, Apple has made a nicely polished mapping experience, the Search functionality a lot more unique and redefined. This involves removing its previous involking method of using Force Touch on the display.

watchOS 2.2 in addition to improving the overall Maps experience has also affords users with the ability to pair multiple Apple Watches to a single alone iPhone that has iOS 9.3 installed. Directly from the administrative perspective, means that owners can now manage and maintain more than a single Apple Watch but a whole of two, three…? From a single connected iPhone.

Full official changelog of watchOS 2.2 is as follows:

To update your Apple Watch to wachOS 2.2, launch Watch app on iPhone, tap on the My Watch tab. Navigate to General > Software Update to download and install the update.

About tvOS 9.2 final! The first thing that will become realtively apparent after updating to tvOS 9.2 is the existence of app folders that mimic the functionality found within iOS on iPhones and iPads. This new experience allows Apple TV owners to group apps together if they see fit, as the currently do in iOS. Similar kind of app type, such as video streaming apps or gaming, or even alphabatically or by the color of the icon.

On the subject of apps, tvOS 9.2 however introduces a revamped – but iOS 9 like – app switcher that allows users to flick quickly between apps in the background and foreground. Also has packed with its Podcasts app that has been already available on iOS for some time now. Improvements include additional support for Bluetooth devices that allows users to connect Bluetooth keyboards to the Apple TV with the purpose of allowing quicker, more efficient text input throughout the system.

Apple has also added in a number of new Siri improvements that now sees additional language support and dictation added to text fields allover the tvOS platform. It’s not only a more advanced Siri, but a more capable and intelligent voice-assistant that should improve user efficiency.

You will open up a whole new world of mapping experiences within third-party Apple TV apps. Developers now have access to Mapkit within the tvOS SDK in order to produce apps that offer some kind of map-based functionality.

The quickest way to get access to this update is to over-the-air through the Apple TV Software Update mechanism. Head to System > MAINTENANCE > Software Updates > Update Software to being downloading and installing the update.

Alternatively, you can also grab tvOS 9.2 directly from the download link below.

Download: tvOS 9.2 for Apple TV 4 (fourth-generation) [Direct link]

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