Download Windows 10 Mobile Update For Lumia Handsets, Coming Soon

Running Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has finally started rolling out Windows 10 Mobile updates to some select Nokia Lumia 535. Lumia 640 and other select handsets. Microsoft appears to have began the software update to Lumia smartphones and also released Upgrade Advisor Beta for all WP 8.1 users, to help them upgrade their mobile phones.

Windows 10 Mobile build 10080 download on track, released for Windows Insider Program developers
With the launch of an internal beta for the Mobile Upgrade Advisor for Windows 10, Microsoft’s app will help free up space on your phone so you’re ready to upgrade Windows 10 on Lumia devices. Tool, similar to what it used last year to prep PC users for Windows 10 desktop OS. Description of the app speaks “will tell if your Windows 8.1 phone is eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. It can also help free up space on your phone so you’re ready to upgrade.”

Unfortunately, the new Windows 10 download is still not available for the public, but the situtation should change soon. Users in Latin America are reporting that they’ve received Windows 10 Mobile software update on their Lumia 535. The update screenshots however shows up the version number 10586.29. Currently received on for unlocked Lumia 535 handset.

To those unaware of this, the company has also released an assist app, using it users gets help in upgrading Windows 10 Mobile. The Upgrade Advisor Beta allows users to know whether their Windows Lumia phone is eligible to upgrade or not. At the same the app also assists with cleaning up memory on the Lumia handsets to make enough room for the new software update.

First and foremost to get Windows 10 upgrade would be the high-end Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, and the older devices was delayed last month. No reason was given, but still Lumia 950 showed the Mobile OS needed some tweaking and polish. One point to be noted is that, the Microsofts’ Windows 10 Mobile update apparently takes some space needed to free up. The app will recommend files, such as videos or photos, that can temporarily move to OneDrive or an SD card, if you already have one installed.

The Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade Advisor app will tell you if your Windows 8.1 phone is eligible for upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. It can also help free up space on your phone so you’re ready for the upgrade,” the app description reads. “When you open the app, it checks your phone and lets you know if it’s eligible to upgrade, if an update is required before you can upgrade, or if your phone can’t be upgraded.

Let us know if you being a Lumia owner and received Windows 10 Mobile software update, and share your impressions on that.

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