Firefox OS May Hit Tablets, Routers, TV Stick And Pi-powered Keyboard Very Soon

Shortly after Mozilla took the decision not to make Firefox OS smartphones, it confirmed that the operating system would live on in connected devices. Leaked document with a statement also reveals a Mozilla-powered router and tablet, and the roadmap of Firefox OS showing the company’s intention to launch a bigger device, a standalone keyboard, media streaming TV stick dongles, and a router all running its mobile OS.

With the discontinuation of Firefox OS development for smartphones, Mozilla has announced its inability to offer the best user experience with it, also added the company was continuing experiments with the OS in the emerging IoT market. Further, the leaked document shed light on four devices which the company is currently working on, such as a Firefox keyboard, stick, hub, and most unusually, a Raspberry Pi powered keyboard. Mozilla confirmed that the devices were “early product concept work by one of our developers,” but wouldn’t say if they were still under development.


The router and TV stick are aimed at the connected home market, a niche where Firefox OS already has a toehold with Panasonic Smart TVs. Like that there are some other connected devices to speak off.

These are Mozilla Firefox OS Connected Devices coming



Firefox Stick

The goal with the Firefox Stick is to “bring the Firefox OS TV experience to any TV,” in much the same way that NVIDIA’s shield gives a regular TV similar capabilities to, say, the Sony X900C. A bit similar to what the Asus Chromebit and the Intel Compute Stick does. It aims to turn your dumb TV into a “smart” counterpart. The HDMI dongle runs Firefox TV OS and lets you cast content from the Internet Web. It’s said that Mozilla is working on partnering with content providers for DRM and content partnerships.

Firefox Hub

It is somewhat similar to Google’s OnHub device, but comes with Firefox firewall. It is aimed at parents and power users, and evidently offers the ability to enhance the overall security. Impressively, it serves as a Web server, allowing users host their own Web apps and data, letting a Web server in each home, ergo, encouraging users to try new Web technologies.




Firefox Pad

The tablet would be “just a web browser,” according to Mozilla, and be targeted at late adopters and the elderly. To be the first Firefox OS slate on the market, but would be an inexpensive, highly pared-back version, lacking an app store, mobile connection and other frills. The company is working on a 10-inch tablet called Firefox Pad. The updates are automatic, and there’s no app store — “just websites and progressive Web apps you discover while browsing.”

Firefox Pi

The Firefox keaboard is a more interesting idea, as it would be equipped ith a Raspberry Pi, and “dedicated to using and making the web.” Mozilla Firefox pointed out that it could be plugged into a spare TV or monitor, making it a cheap computer in nations like India with millions of obsolete TVs. Mozilla believes that this device will help it “harness the maker movement.” It would be equipped with Mozilla’s Webmaker kit and be useful for web creators, educators and makers.

Here’s what Mizilla stressed that “we are still at the early stages of exploring and prototyping new use cases for Firefox OS in the world of connected devices as an open source project.” The company does have concrete plans to develop connected devices similar to the ones leaked here. We will update you when we have more.

(Source: Hipertextual)

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