Here Comes The Sony’s 1TB PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition [Video]

This PlayStation 4 console with 1TB of onboard storage space has been announced by Sony, and being dubbed the ‘1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition.’ Only doubles up the storage of the PS4 while everything on the upgraded console remains untouched.


Generally the PS4 ships with a 500GB internal HDD, and that may seem to not enough for some users, as digital copies of games started acquire as much of 30 – 40GB of storage space on the console. Highlighted by Sony, is that not only does this mean users can now store more games on the machine, but can also extend their play with more add-on content, while saving and sharing their existing gaming highlights. The new console is a slight technological improvement on the previous model, weighing in at 10 percent lighter and using 8 percent less power than the 500GB PS4.

This new 1TB PS4 comes just a few days after Microsoft had unveiled and released the Xbox One with 1TB HDD, giving gamers a whole lot of room to play around with. New controller, Microsoft’s console is also shipping with not the Elite controller though, but the popular Halo spinoff title Halo: The Master Chief Colection also made available in a select few regions. Sony on the other hand, has no such designs for promoting the 1TB console with and will be sticking to the usual goodies shipped in the PS4 retail box.


For those unware, the PlayStation 4’s hard disk can actually be upgraded or replaced without voiding the warranty, and means existing users can now easily throw in a 1TB HDD for a normal price, and even set up a 2TB one if their budget allows it. Further, Sony has also revealed that unlike the Xbox One which will be offering backwards compatibity for Xbox 360 games, the PS4 has no plans regarding such giveaway to users that support for PS3 games in the near future.

Sony however has not suggest a word about the pricing of the new 1TB PS4 console, but instead states that “For pricing information, check with your local retailer.” Set to be officially released on the 15th of July. Sony’s 1TB PS4 console is expected to be go live, available in a select few European and PAL territories at launch, and will consequently flow over to other regions later on.

Interesting to see how much of a premium Sony charges for the new 1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition. Given the whole user-replaceable HDD option on the cards.

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