When To Expect iOS 11 Beta 6 / Public Beta 5 Release?

It seems like Apple’s iOS 11 development is really coming to an end as well starting to take shape now. With the recently issued iOS 11 developer beta 5 and public beta 4 to developer and testers, clearly shows that the upcoming platform is actually started taking shape as Apple works towards a final release.

In fact, the iOS 11 release date has been scheduled. Here is when your compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch could get this major update. Details on this topic is very fair and before that we’ve to speak about the iOS 11 beta 6 arriving.

iOS 11 Beta 6 / Public Beta 5: Release Date [Prediction]

We now have a very good idea of when iOS 11 will ship to the general public, but when will Apple flick the switch of the next developer and public beta release?

One thing about Apple to tell is the company prefer uniformity and almost military-style release pattern when it comes to pushing out new beta versions of its major platforms for testing. Once an initial beta has been released, meaning that Apple has signified its intentions to invoke the assistance of the development and testing community to streamline that particular platform, you can predict that with laser accuracy when the next release is going to happen.

Given the two-week release gaps as we have seen between all previous iOS 11 beta releases so far, we can easily assume that developers and public testers will get their hands on the next build arriving on their devices on Monday, August 21 and Tuesday, August 22, respectively.

For those new to the development and registered on the Apple Developer Program, or recently enrolled in as public testers on the Apple Software Beta Program, it’s worth mentioning the company may release the two builds with a 24-hours timeframe, but iOS 11 beta 6 and public beta 5 will be exactly the same builds.

iOS 11 Beta 6 & Public Beta 5: New Features

Both builds or pre-release seeds likely contain the same build number and also contain the same functionality and improvements. But will just be served through different channels (internal development branches) for different pool for testers.

Any new builds now and the official launch date in September with major new features and functionality vary. Additionally, Apple has already set its stall out with what iOS 11 is about, and has already put in place.

The two new builds from now are all about refining that experience with bug fixes and the platform offers the positive user-experience, enhanced performance and power management . And of course give them a reason to update immediately from iOS 10 over-the-air.

This post will be updated and we’ll let you know if we anticipate any changes to this release schedule. Stay tuned for more.

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