Chart: iOS 11 Download Day Release Time In Your Region

Do you know when iOS 11 download will be available in your region’s local time zone? Here’s how you can check the exact release timeframe in the worldwide chart we’ve embedded below.

With iOS 11, Apple is about to bring a whole host of new features to your compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. iOS 11 is about to drop within few hours, and with it a range of new inclusions, including augmented reality and a completely redesigned way of interacting with your iPad will also be provided.

Apple chooses to push out the iOS 11 update at 10am San Fransisco time. That’s 6pm in the UK, or 1am on Wednesday morning in Hong Kong. If it’s a little confusing, or you want to know your local time release day. We have placed the remaining time last until iOS 11 is released. The update will go live:

After several pre-release seeds for developers and public testers, Apple’s iOS 11 platform has been in development for a number of months. Are now happy with where iOS 11 is. And have penciled in September 19 global release date for general public release.

Before you go grab and install iOS 11 final onto your devices, you should start refreshing your iPhone then. Because everyone wants to download the new software, Apple’s servers often get overloaded, and downloading the update straight away can be a frustrating aspect, then running into errors, before starting all over again.

Again indicates that Apple will drop iOS 11 at 10:00AM Pacific Time on September 19, 2017. That’s exactly 1:00PM Eastern Time. Not just that, at the same date and time, the company will also push final versions of watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 to public. Stay tuned!

iOS 11 release time

Make sure that you do check out the chart below to see the exact release time in your area. And also be sure you set some time aside to battle with Apple’s authentication servers. This is going to be a big one and we want you to be prepared for it.

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