iOS 9.2 Supports Importing Photos To iPhone SD Card Via Lightning To USB Adapter

Final version of Apple’s iOS 9.2 indeed brought with it largely bug fixes and the odd feature update here and there. Now that it appears, is official support for the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter on compatible iPhones. Past, the adapter was unofficially supported, but the whole thing has actually got full official Apple support. Now, iPhone owners will be able to plug all manner of USB equipped media kit into an iPhone, including camera roll.

What all means is that users of iPhone shooting photos on location who then wants to perhaps check them out on the big screen of an iPhone 6s Plus or quickly share them over social media will now be able to do so by plugging their camera into a USB cable, then the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and probably into an iPhone. Another option would be to use updated version of Apple’s Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, whatever suits.

Additional feature of one of the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter is support for audio input devices such as microphones. Podcasts, and musicians will now be able to plug their media kit onto an iPhone using the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, though something that requires too much power will be out of luck – the iPhone’s Lightning to USB Camera Adapter is only capable of handling 20mA, but the use of some sort of powered USB hub will get users around such a problem just fine.

Firing is that the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter previously only supported by the iPad is now a great iPhone (running iOS 9.2 or over) companion for anyone who may really have the need for connecting most kinds of multimedia equipment to such a thing. Music, Photos, Video and even the recording of podcasts can now be done on an iPhone using the notion of accessories. Before doing so, just remember the iPhone’s screen isn’t that big anyway. Suggested that to use an ipad for most media work, and experience more on the nice new iPad Pros.


Get the official Lightning to USB Camera Adapter from an Apple Store for $29. You can?

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