iOS 9.3 13E237 Released For Older iPhones And iPads To Fix Cannot Activate Error

As promised, Apple has released a new updated iOS 9.3 build 13E237 for all older iPhone and iPad models affected by ‘Cannot Activate’ error issue. This release has already made its attempt once before and now it comes with aknowledged security bug fixes and performance improvements.

The activation lock bug was discovered late last week when many users with older iPhones and iPads, specifically the iPhone 5s and earlier iPad 1 and earlier, faced activation issues when updating their devices to iOS 9.3. With today’s build version, would allow those devices to install iOS 9.3 over-the-air (OTA) on their older devices without any problems.


There’s still an updated iOS 9.3 13E236 build for iPad 2 (Wi-Fi+GSM) model over the weekend with fix for oft-mentioned issue in place. Now it seems Apple has regenerated the fix for all the affected iPhones and iPads with the just released iOS 9.3 build 13E237. For iPad 2 model though, build 13E236 remains the latest version.

Wait! This new release of iOS 9.3 is not for you, if you are already on the final with no activation issues whatsoever, you don’t need to do anythging. Update is only rolling out for those older iPhone and iPad models which are affected by the activation issue bug.

Havn’t updated to iOS 9.3 yet due to this bug can now go forward by downloading the updated iOS 9.3 build from the links given below and then restoring to it in DFU mode using iTunes. Help you get rid of activation lock error.


iOS 9.3 – Build 13E237:

With that given, another iOS 9.3 bug was far discovered which randomly causes crashes when web links are tapped in Safari and other apps. Still there’s not official statement regarding it by Apple made on it as yet but whenever they recognize, we will update you guys on it. Be in touch with!

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