Hidden iOS 9 Features: Settings Search, Selfie Finder, Home Sharing For Music, Go Back to App And More [Detailed]

For iPad devices, iOS 9 brings with it some best inclusions like split-screen multitasking, improvements to search and Siri, under-the-hood performance boosts, and some revamped apps on the go. Still, there are dozens of lesser-known tweaks and refinements that make the iOS 9 experience better than ever before. So, we have to dig and check what are they, and for that you can read the complete post.

Hidden Features On iOS 9 Detailed

List of iOS 9 hidden features:

Settings Search – There’s a new search bar in theSettings app that lets you quickly locate a specific setting by typing in what you are actually loking for. Want Siri settings? Search for Siri, and all the setting options for Siri will be shown in a list.

Battery settings: iOS 9 finally brings with it better battery features. This new dedicated “Battery” section in the Settings app, shows Low Power Mode that can be turned ‘On’. Als displays more detailed battery usage info that can be sorted by apps using the most in background and the least amount of power consumption. Switching Low Power Mode on, background activity, motion effects, and animated wallpapers are disabled. Battery information is also displayed in the Notification Center, for the Apple Watch, iOS devices, and some other connected devices like wireless headphones.

Go Back to App – Using this handy new “Go Back” button running on iOS 9, you can go back to the previous app. When you tap on a Notification or a link in Safari or another app and it opens in a new app. The “Go Back” buttn is pretty good and stick around for about a minute before disappearing, so you can switch quickly between apps if you just want to glance at someting really quick.

App folders on iPad now display apps in a 4×4 arrangement instead of a 3×3 align, allowing users to see more apps in a folder at a glance. With 15 pages of apps allowed perfolder, and folders are able to house up to 240 apps intead of 135, in the past.

Find My Friends and Find My iPhone are both default apps with iOS 9 and come pre-installed automatically. Before this update needed to be downloaded from the App Store. Now, Find My Friends can be added to the Notification Center, where it tracks the location of your friends.

Photo app folders in iOS 9 has new slots for selfies and screenshots. The “Selfies” folder aggregates all photos captured with the front-facing camera, whereas the “Screenshots” folder houses all shots captured by holding down the power button and home button. Small but very useful change makes it a lot easier to keep track of selfie shots and screenshots.

Keyboard changes that iOS 9 update brought would be the shift function, that has been altered once again, making is easier to determine when it’s activated and caps lock is turned on. When “Shift” pressed, all letters on the keyboard are now shown in upper case, and when it’s off, letters on the keypad are lower case. On iPad, there are also some new controls and a two-finger gesture turns the keyboard into a trackpad.

Home Sharing for music was revamped in iOS 8.4 with the launch of the new music app and the new Apple Music service, but in iOS 9, it’s back again.

Handsoff iOS 9 feature in the App Switcher has been moved to the bottom of the app-switching interface. Pull up on the new Handsoff bar to open an app, while it was displayed in the app carousel previously. The Handsoff feature that showed relevant App Store apps on the lock screen in certain locations, which now has been eliminated in iOS 9 upgrade, but installed apps are still shown based on location.

There are plenty hidden iOS 9 features to uncover, and stay tuned to grab more information on what’s new and which are removed and replaced in the place.

(Via: MacRumors)

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