iOS 9 Global Release Time Chart Is Here: Things To Do Before Installing iOS 9 [Guide]

Excited about iOS 9 release? What time will Apple release iOS 9 in my local time-zone? Apple is all set to roll out iOS 9 on Wednesday, September 16, in some places, that will be Thursday, Sept. 17th. Want to install iOS 9? Before you let that feeling take a hold of you, some details that need to be paid attention to before downloading it and installing it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

First and foremost about the specific timeframe for iOS 9. Finally, Apple will likely flip the switch on iOS 9 at 10:00am Pacific / 1:00pm Esatern Time. With newest changes and API improvements, developers are keen to play with iOS 9 features. Rather than being an entire verhaul of the platform, iOS 9 represents what can be classed as a evolutionary progression of the Mobile OS. Focusing on a number of core feature additions as well as generally stabilizing the platform to increase user-experience and performance across all compatible iDevices.

Assuming that iOS 9 will be made publicly available at 10am PDT (Pacific Time). That’s 1pm for all you ET (Eastern Time) individuals on the east coast. 6pm for those in UK. Here’s the accurate times in other territories around the world that you can check in the chart below:



Now that, you have got the exact timeframe of the iOS 9 final OTA. What you should do before installing the update?

Prepare your iOS device

Make sure your device is ready for the major update. Checking the device compatibility, backing up your iOS device via iCloud or iTunes, freeing up space and more. If you’re avid jailbreaker but want to update to iOS 9, you should perhaps look into saving SHSH Blobs as well.

Update your iOS apps

Check that no new app updates are pending in the iOS App Store. Updating your apps to the latest version available on App Store will eliminate any potential compatibility issues between your favorite apps and the iOS 9 environment.

For Apple Watch owners – back up your Watch data before going on with the iOS 9 update on your iPhone. iOS 9 has become increasingly known for its under-thehood performance improvements and bug fixes, but nevertheless, there are a bunch of power-user features scattered across the firmware that you may want to check out first before jumping in. Get familar with iOS 9 inclusions.

For iOS 9 jailbreak deatils. If jailbreaking is important for you, you should not update to the latest version of iOS, while there is no public jailbreak solution available for iOS 9 as yet. If you want to keep your current iOS 8.x jailbreak alive, you may want to avoid installing iOS 9 right now. Updated here soon if any development on the untethered jailbreak front as it happens.

Make sure Login information is ready. Yes, I mean your iTunes/iCloud/App Store Apple ID and password are known to you as that will be the first thing you will need after updating to iOS 9. Any doubt, please make it now by recover/reset your password before attempting to update your device to iOS 9.

Download and install the latest version of iTunes. Your Windows OC or Mac should have the new iTunes 12.x installed. An updated suit will ensure full compatibility between your iOS powered device and your computer.

For that you may want to grab iTunes 12.22 for Windows and Mac from here.

Charge your device fully – or atleast up to 50%. The more the better. It is unlikely for your iOS device to consume all the battery power but you don’t want it to be running out of juice during the update process.


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