Mac Developers: Apple Releases OS X El Capitan Beta 7, Public Beta 5 To Testers

Apple has now made two new betas of OS X 10.11 El Capitan available to download for both developer and testing purposes of public beta alomost simultaniously.

Developers graced to download the beta 7 release of OS X El Capitan can do so via the Update tab on the Mac App Store or by heading towards the Developer Portal, while those who are part of the Public Beta program of El Capitan can get their increment beta 5 update via the Mac App Store also.


The updates of course comes as a new builds with the developer beta at 15A263e and public beta showing as 15A262e, the changes that both new beta releases bring with them are minimal, at least on the surface. Apple has been pushing rapid updates for OS X El Capitan, all of which have focused on under-the-hood performance improvements and bug fixes to optimize the operating system ahead of its public debut.

Few design changes have been made in the most recent betas, but the beta 7 includes some minor tweaks like a new “Welcome to Safari” screen for those that may not be familiar with the web browser, a new color for the El Capitan logo in “About This Mac,” and a setting to disable the “Shake mouse pointer to locate” is another new option that allows you to disable the new shake-to-find-cursor feature.


OS X El Capitan is specifically designed to improve features introduced with OS X Yosemite, focusing on performance and user experience. Neither of these new additions are likely to make anyone rush out to get the beta installed as soon as possible, but if you already running the last beta of El Cpaitan, then there’s chance to know what bugs and little glitches have been killed off as part of this new build. Advice is make sure you are on the latest beta build if you really must install beta versions of OS X or iOS at all, and this current build is no different whatsoever.

A number of apps and processes on the Mac are much faster with El Capitan, and the introduction of Metal for OS X Mac brings system-level graphics rendering that’s 40% more efficient. User experience on El Capitan includes a new systemwide San Francisco font, a revamped Mission Control feature, a new Split View feature for using two full-screen apps at once, deeper functionality for Spotlight, a variety of new features for Safari, Pinned Sites for housing frequently visited websites and a universal mute botton that quiets all tabs.


The OS X 10.11 El Capitan is all set to arrive in a matter of weeks, and alongside the current iOS beta, is in full swing with an eye on the clock. Evident to see a Golden Master build of El Capitan go live fairly soon, signalling the fact that new features will be added before the final shipping product hits the App Store.

Finally, OS X 10.11 El Capitan is available to both registered developers and public beta testers. Official release of El Capitan to the public, Apple plans in the fall. September?

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