macOS Sierra Vs. Pixel 3: Google Working On Andromeda Android / Chrome Hybrid OS-Powered Laptop, Nexus Tablet


Google although scheduled its launch event on October 4, already started teasing it where Pixel smartphones are meant to show up on that date. The search giant also providing us to witness the new Nexus branded smartphone with a different name, should be called Pixel and Pixel XL and that’s not everything Google is announcing in early October. But the most important thing the company might introduce is the new level of operating system, Andromeda – a merger between Android and Chrome OS. Here are the details in specific.

A new report today claims that Google is working on two different hardware products, having differing form factors, on which it will run the Andromeda Android / Chrome OS hybrid operating system. Reportedly, these to have a convertible notebook computer as well as a new, Nexus-branded tablet in the process.

That notebook, believed to be the Pixel 3, will be a device that featuring a 12.3-inch display, support for pen-based input and a fingerprint sensor, among others. To compete with the Apple’s MacBook and its new macOS Sierra, Google’s new Andromeda Android / Chrome merger OS has two different configurations on the cards for the Pixel 3, with options consisting of an Intel M3 or Core i5 processor, either 32GB or 128GB of storage and either 8GB of 16GB of RAM, depending on the model bought otherwise.

Andromeda, by means it isn’t a commercial name though, rather an internal codename for the next-generation initiative, which will represent a major shift in Android strategy. Google on its track, will be able to take the best control over both worlds and release other types of Android-based devices, including better laptops and tablet range. The first notebook running Andromeda will come out next summer, as per one another report.

Support for USB-C, no fewer than four microphones and haptic feedback as also expected to be part of the Pixel 3 package. To go on retail for around $800 when it is expected live on sale – likely towards the end of 2017 – the hardware is aimed at MacBook Pro buyers.

As for the tablet, the most notable aspect here is that the Nexus designation. Made by Huawei, likely the tablet to feature a 7-inch display and 4GB of RAM, based on previous leaks and speculations. However, the Pixel name will be the brand one for Google’s hardware, which is possible that the name will change between now and launch day, and it is also expected the device will be used as a developer machine rather than one designed for public consumption.

According to Android Police, the Pixel 3 laptop is all set to arrive at some point in the third quarter of 2017. Project is apparently known internally as Bison, and the gadget should be the first new device to showcase Google’s Android / Chrome OS hybrid OS, Andromeda. That device however is not going to be marketed as a Chromebook anymore, and thus the project isn’t of course the part of Google’s current effort to put Android apps on Chrome OS-based devices.

Whatever the two unknown devices look like and are called when they do launch officially, the pair will be the devices used to launch Andromeda. Google’s Android / Chrome OS hybrid could be a big deal and is perhaps the biggest news here, and it will need exciting hardware alongside it. Very soon without any doubt we will find out more about both the hardware and Andromeda itself in good time.

Other specifications in Andromeda-powered Pixel 3 notebook are the 3.5mm headphone jack, stylus support, stereo speakers, quad microphones, backlit keyboard, glass trackpad with haptic feedback and force detection and also 10 hours of battery life. The device is also said to measure around 10mm in thickness, would make it a thinner laptop than 12-inch MacBook.

Bast part of all reports points at Bison price, would sell it for just $799, as per the information surfaced and made available at this time. If this is the case, then, Google definitely wants to merge Chrome features into Android and Andromeda, meaning that Bison, or the Pixel 3, will be an Android device rather than a Chrome OS one.


(Source: 9to5Google)

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