Major Windows 10 Fall Update Evidently Set To Be Rolling Out Next Month

Microsoft’s Windows 10 desktop operating system made a huge hype in the the market with a free upgrade program already running on a genuine Windows 7, 8.0/8.1 versions on their computer, laptops etc. According to the trusted source, Microsoft will release the “Thershold 2” aka TH2 release of OS in November as the Windows 10 Fall Update. Set to roll out Over-The-Air (OTA) in November, unlike the post-RTM Windows Insider builds, we’ve been gettings not as a full build.

The Windows 10 Fall Update will rather ship as a cumulative upgrade and wuld be the official name of the first major update to Windows 10. The OS however will still be called Windows 10, respectively.

What’s the difference? In order to differentiate Windows 10 Fall Update from the RTM release, it only identified as version 1511 (where 15 =”2015,” the year, and 11 = “November,” the month), indicating its date of release. You will apparently be able to upgrade to directly from the RTM version of Windows 10 without having to first install any other updates. Furthermore, if you upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7/8.1 after the Fall Update is made available, you’ll get Windows 10 Fall Update.

Do we any activations? However, this isn’t a fully-build installation like we see through the Windows Insider program, and you won’t be required to reactivate Windows after updating. Activated PCs will remain unique.

How Windows Ipdate distribution go by? As usually seen with the Windows 10, you will get the Windows 10 Fall Update the same way through Windows Update section. Nevertheless, it will have the same distribution as a security update, which you will get it immediately. Generally, you will just wake up the PC one day, sign-in, and already be on the new version.

The latest update version will be named “Windows 10 November 2015” in Windows Update. Changes followed by with the Insider updates to Windows 10 since RTM, won’t be any surprsises. But the Windows 10 Fall Update does include a number of makeovers, including an improved Media Creation Tool, new Locales and other inclusions for Cortana, and various Microsoft Edge browser improvements, but won’t get any new add-ons.

Speaking about Recovery Tools, the Push Button Reset feature will be updated so that restarting the PC will reset it to the Windows 10 Fall Update, not the July RTM release.

What about Activation changes? Windows 10 Fall Update will support activating with your PC’s Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 product key. If you upgraded from Windows 8.1, you will lose PC maker customizations, which won’t happen on Windows 10 Pcs.

Currently, there are no details on exactly when next month Microsoft will release the Windows 10 Fall Update – stay tuned.

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