Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316 For PC

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316 is now live, available in the Fast Ring. Windows Insiders can download this build, which brings the ability to natively run Bash Shell on Windows 10. How to do so? Follow our steps to enable the mode in your Windows PC.

It includes Hello sign-ins within apps and better pen support, among other things
During Build 2016 last week, Microsoft has shared new experiences and what they’re creating for developers with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which will be available to download and install for free this summer. Not to say again, Windows 10 is the fastest grwoing operating system with over 270 million active devices running this OS, currently. While Windows Insiders will be first to try out new innovation coming in the wholesome Anniversary Update for Windows 10 by installing builds from Microsoft’s Development Branch. A few weeks ago, Insiders tried out extensions for Microsoft Edge. With today’s build 14316, Windows Insiders will be able to try more new features and continue to deliver new capabilities such as Windows Ink in future builds as well.

Here’s what is new in Build 14316

You can run native Bash on Ubuntu directly on Windows. First, you will need to turn on Developer Mode, navigate to Settings > Update & Security > For developers. From that point, search for “Windows Features” and select “Turn Windows feature to On or Off“. Now, enable Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta). To get Bash installed, open Command Prompt and type “bash”.

Alongside the aforemention Windows 10 Insiders build, the software maker also introduced Cortana Cross-Device features. To insiders, it’s an ongoing basis that keeps users in perfect sync across all the devices where you can use Cortana digital assistant to stay connected to and never miss a beat throughout your day. Cortana will somewhat allow you to access navigation details. Tell it “directions to <place>” on your PC, and Cortana will send then directly to your smartphone.

1. Low Battery Notifications: Cortana will now inform you about low power on your mobile devices. If your phone’s battery is dying out, a notification will pop up on your PC so you can promptly charge it before your next meeting.

2. Find my phone/Ring my phone: You can now ask Cortana to find your phone, when you lose track of your phone from time to time, on your PC using the new find my phone feature. This feature will allow users to locate their phone from their PC through geo-location andby having Cortana ring your phone.

3. Share map directions across devices: Through Cortana it has been enabled you to access navigation details. Tell Cortana “directions to < place>” on your PC and she’ll send those same directions to your phone.

These features will also work with Android devices too but you will need Cortana Version 1.5 or higher (Download here for U.S. and download here for China) for them to work.

4. Try out the Skype UWP Preview app: Announced a couple of weeks ago on Skype blog. You will be able to try out Skype UWP Preview app, which includes a lot of basic Skype functionalities. With more features and abilities to come in the next few releases. For now, this feature is only available to PCs, later will be making it for Windows 10 Mobile builds.

5. Action Center Improvements: You can now select which app notifications are very important to you in Action Center. On your device, you can manage the notification settings for individual apps by going to Settings > System > Notifications & actions. Just click or tap on the specific app to adjust its settings. You can even priortize its notifications in Action Center to be one of 3 levels; Normal, High, or Priority. Additionally, you can keep how many notifications are visible per app. Default is now 3 per app. If an app has more than three notifications, simply click to expand and see all notifications for that app.

6. Updated Emoji: The entire set of font-based emojis in Windows 10 have been upgraded, now alighns with the Microsoft Design Language with a distinct visual style as well as the Unicode standard. These new Microsoft Emojis are designed to be detailed, explained, and playful. With their larger size emoji’s take full advantage of every pixel and the two-pixel outline allows for emoji to appear on any color background without loss of fedility. New emoji also supports skin tone modification across a wide variety of people glyphs.

7. New Dark Mode: Here comes the actual mokeup to Dark Theme for Windows 10. When you switch to dark mode, apps such as Settings, Store, Alarms & Clock, Calculator and other UWP apps that listen and respond to theme changes in the OS will change into dark mode. Make universally toggle between dark and light modes via Settings > Personalization > Colors to show color only on app title bars in addition to the option to show color on Start, the taskbar, and Action Center.

The latest Build gets Pin It Button and OneNote Clipper. here is now an updated versions of Reddit Enhancement Suite, Mouse Gestures, and Microsoft Translator. And much more to learn from here.


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