Microsoft Releases Windows Insider Preview Build 14328 For PC And Mobile

Microsoft has just made available to download Windows 10 Insider preview build 14328 for registered members who are in part of Windows Insider program. Build 14328 of Windows 10 for PCs and Windows Mobiles packs Anniversary Update features like Windows Ink, changes to the Action Center, and better battery life into what’s probably the largest Insider update ever. To try it out Anniversary Upadte features, this would be your first chance from Microsoft’s release. Run this preview build on a test PC.


Released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14328 for both PCs and Mobile to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, though. Microsoft stuffed tons of updates into this new build, some should feel familiar. To PC users, this update brings many improvements to the Action Center, including Windows Ink, that enables you to write on your device as you do on paper, creating sticky notes, drawing on a whiteboard, and easily sharing your analog thoughts in the digital world, technically. For that, you have to simply press the Windows Ink Workspace button in the system tray to click the back of your pen on a new PC. Acollection of pen-enabled apps that will appear as a right-hand nav bar on your Windows desktop.

Finally, the pen Settings menu revamped and Microsoft is even building out a pen-optimized subset of the Windows Store. For more information about Windows Ink, check out this video:

Microsoft says “if you don’t have a device with active pen, want to try Windows Ink Workspace”, you can simply make a right-click on the taskbar and choose “Show Windows Ink Workspace” button. Or, you can also enable finger-inking if you have no pen. However, this feature is been integrated into apps such as Maps, Microsoft Edge, and Office.

There are new Settings specific to the pen, too.

It has also tweaked virtually every element of the Windows 10 interface; the Start menu, the Action Center, the lock screen, the taskbar, Cortana, and the Settings menu have all been revamped in some ways. Sticky Notes also reveived an update, now allows users create and save notes to their Windows 10 running machines and customize them via size and color. Soon to get the ability to create Cortana Reminders from your notes that will flwo with you all-around your devices. A new Screen sketch features lets you draw on a screen capture of you entire desktop – allowing you to collaborate with documents, pen and paper.


The Start menu in tablet mode.

All apps list has now been merged into a single view and moved it to the top level on the UI to reduce clicking and scrolling. You can now access all of those used apps with one click on the Start menu. Spotted Cortana search and improvements as the digital voice assistant sits on your Mobile lock screen. For that, you will need to enable Cortana on your Lock screen by navigating to settings and under “Lock screen options”, turn Cortana on “Let me use Cortana even when my device is locked”, which also makes sure you have “Hey Cortana” enabled as well.

As Microsoft prepares to release its Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer, Insiders are getting a chance to try out and help debug some of new features, while additiuonal inclusions will be shipped as part of future builds.

Best of all, the Power, Hibernate, and Sleep commands have been separated and stored on the left rail, where they will always be accessible. In tablet mode, Microsoft has also made a change, now, it brings back the grid view to All Apps. Also retaied the “pinned tile” view.

Is this the largest Windows Insider update ever? No! Want to dig more? Head over to the official Windows 10 blog for details, updates and much more.

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