Opera Web Browser Gets Built-In Ad Blocking Feature

Pop-ups and other advertisements on a desktop or mobile web browser is somewhat disturbing and for some it means more who rely on adsense, or other third-party ads channels. But there are several other top most web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and now Opera introduces built-in ad blocking feature to get rid of that. Opera, by means also claims bringing ad blocking into web browser can speed up the loading of pages up to 90%.


Previously, users had to download seperate add-on pack to block annoying pop-up ads, and later followed by all major web browsers, pre-installed software and the demand for such applications soon diminished, though. Adblock Plus soon becaome the most and the best ad-blocking extensions shared the same fate, as browser companies start to incorporate ad-blocking software into their web browsers.

Opera Software on Thursday has released what actually i’s calling native ad-blocking, which is built-into the Opera browser and is not a seperate extension that requires any downloading part. The feature comes as deactivated by default, but Opera will suggest blocking ads whenwever they’re detected. With a single toggle on the browser’s ad-blocking is done by clicking a shield icon near the URL, actiavtes its action.

Native blocking of ads is now a part of Opera’s developer edition and likely to be rolled out to the standard version later this year. According to the company’s spokeperson.

We are the first major browser vendor to integrate an ad-blocking feature, but this development should be a no surprise to anyone given the rising popularity of ad-blocking software and even Apple allowing it on its platform,” Krystian Kolondra, Opera senior VP of engineering for desktop, said in a blog post.

Opera’s desktop browser has 60 million monthly active users, the company spoksesman said and claims that its surfing with built-in ad-blocking technology is 45% faster than Chrome’s running Assblock Plus and 89% speedier than Microsoft’s Edge running the similar extension. Addsitionally, Opera has also integrated a speed test within its browser that can easily show its users how faster a web page can be loaded with or wthout ads, a first for browsers.

When compared to Mozilla’s Firefox browser also does ad-blocking in its private-browsing mode, by nexing content that tracks users’ surfing behaviour, whereas Opera’s feature goes beyond that, it also shows the users how much those ads slow down the loading on the pages that carry them.

A new Opera developer edition is the first desktop browser to include built-in ad blocking.

For now, this is it and soon web surfers will have ad-blocking feature enabled inside the Opera browsers. What do you think about it?

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