Download Remix OS To Bring Android To PCs And Macs Essentially

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year in Las Vegas has revealed a variety of new products and amazing innovatives for the connected smart home. Undoubtedly the CES 2016 has witnessed a plethora of excellent gadgets just waiting to hit pysical and digital shelves during this year. If you have missed this, then you are a whole left behind and that’s an interesting software-based thing apart from hardware side of products. The announcement made by Jide, suggesting that its Remix OS firmware would soon be available to download and install on Intel-based PCS and Macs. Authentic to his word, and now with Jide making the legitimate alpha version 2.0 of Remix OS available for direct download on time.

Those unfamiliar with Remix OS should have already noticed the Remix Mini PC or Ultra Remix Tablet manufactured by Jide. Both of these affordable hardware options may attract the average consumer, and the two runs Jide’s own in-house Remix operating system.

Tweaked to work on Desktop computers, which includes an all-new UI, responds to mouse clicks and even lets you use keyboard shortcuts on your device or laptops and more. Described Jide’s Remix OS as ushering in “the next evolution of Android PC”, meaning that it truly introduces the open-source OS to certain Intel-powered computers based on the fact that it is built on Android-x86 project.

The initial alpha build of the platform can be downloaded directly¬† from Jide. The current form of Remix OS is built on top of the company’s Android Lollipop-based Remix OS 2.0, specifically meant for the Remix Mini. Updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow very soon if the developers behind the build are to be trusted.

For Remix OS installation, you will need at least 8GB USB 3.0 flash drive to run it smoothly, which also has complete, unfiltered access to the Google Play Store. Apps can also be downloaded and run on the PC, which you have previously been purchased on additional Androd devices can also be ran free-of-charge with Remix OS’s account functionality.

The Remix OS is right now available in a functioning alpha stage, and as such doesn’t download with a full set of features. Worth mentioning that when trying to utlize it as your main OS on a computer is mindful.


Instructions to Launch Remix OS

1. The Remix OS for PC Download pacakge must be unzipped.
2. Insert a flafh drive to your computer.
3. Open Remix OS USB Tool and follow the step-by-step tutorial on how to burn the flash drive.
4. Reboot your PC.
5. Press F12 (PC) and Option (Mac) while booting and enter Boot Menu.
6. Select “USB Storage Device” as boot option under Legacy Mode.
7. Now, either select “Guest Mode” or “Resident Mode” to satrt Remix OS.

Interested ones can try this out. You will need to head over to the Remix OS download page here to start the process. Size of the download is 692MB approximately and as aforenentioned equires a PC or Mac with an Intel processor. Happy Remix day!

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