Stagefright Bug: Is Your Android Phone Vulnerable, Here’s How To Check

From the past two weeks malware alarm bells have been going off constantly for Android users. Like this simple text message can hack 95% of Android phones and a flaw that puts personal data at risk for millions, device with biometric detection. Of course we had remote support tool applications that grant full access to a target device when provided with spoof certificates, and then we had Stagefright, a critical Android vunerability that provides access to a device on the back of a malicious media message being received. If you have Android device, and really want to find out if Stagefright is a potential issue for you, then this new detection app should help you first port of call.

The official app is from Zimperium, Stagefright Detector App services aptly up in terms of functionality, actually searched and presented findings on the bug, has built the application as a free-of-charge tool for individuals who have serious concerns about the security of their Android smartphone or tablet. The company behind ths may have also provided patches to Google and manufacturers as part of the Zimperium Handset Alliance, but as the company rightly points ou, “it may be years until they reach all devices”.

The Stagefright Detector App is very simple to use and exists with two purposes in mind’; to immediately inform you if the installed device is suspectible to the Stagefright vulnerability, and whether or not you need to update to a newer version of the iunstalled operating system. Once the app is installed, simply tap on ‘Begin Analsys’ button for the process to start, as can be seen in the screenshot below.


Stagefright is interpreted by Zimperium Inc. as a critical Android vulnerability. The bug inside the Android operating system potentially affords malicious individuals, the ability to gain system or media access on the back of a malware-laden multimedia message.

The petrified part of the whole process is that the media message is actually processed and executed by the OS without any user-interaction, effectively automating the whole device takeover. The infected multimedia message, which would actually contain a rather simple looking video for instance, then has the ability to delete itself before detection. The potential for damage is rather large which is why it’s important to check out this free app right now.

(Download: Stagefright Detector App for Android devices from Google Play).

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