tvOS 10 For Apple TV Announced, Features, Release Date, Beta 1 Download

Apple has finally announced the arrival of tvOS 10 along with the features it will pack for the Apple TV 4. Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote is generally used to introduce the latest version of iOS and desktop OS for Mac, but this year it took a diversion with the Apple TV 4 having landed onto the scene late last year. The ATV 4 has gained some serious traction amongst consumers all over the globe, with the underlying Apple Store playing a huge role in that popularity.

Apple has officially introduced tvOS 1 as part of the initial Worldwide Developers Conference unveil in what it looks like Apple’s fastest evolving OS to date.

Here’s what Apple has actually announced with tvOS 10, and how it will improve the user-experience for those who are just starting to embrace the Apple TV as part of their viewing stack.


-New Apple TV Remote App With Siri

This feature obviously replicates the Siri Remote on your iPhone and uses, voice for Siri control, touch for navigation, and even motion controls to play games. Great!


Speaking to Siri, the digital assistant on the Apple TV has gotten a massive upgrade. Things like “Find high school comedies from the ’80s'”, will now show you results based on that particular query. It can also search incredibly through YouTube for you.

-Live Tune-In

It was already been available on tvOS 9.x, but in tvOS 10, it’s coming to even more apps!

What’s TV if it’s not live. Using Siri to say for example, ” Watch ESPN2″ will simply launch the action right on your TV. Apple says this interesting feature will also be available on the iPad.

-Single Sign-On

You will now be able to log in once and access all streaming apps from your TV subscription without having to do that independently for each and every app.

-Dark Mode

Finally! No more white’s blinding you in the middle of the night thanks to a much needed optional Dark Mode – throws in the good ol’ dark grays and blacks.

-Automatic Downloads

Download an app on your iPhone and it will appear on the Apple TV as well. Simple, but glad to see attention being paid to such things.

-HomeKit Support

Via Siri to control all smart devices in your home that are HomeKit compatible, your Apple TV can now issue commands as well. So, you can now turn the lights, adjust the temperatures and much more, from the comfort of your couch, or well, off the room.

-Revamped Photos And Apple Music

The app now carries an all-new design from iOS 10, Apple Music making sure that the user never feels lost, including the addition of a new Search tab.

Same goes for the Photos app, which now sports a Memories feature which makes it easy to “rediscover meaningful moments in a user’s photo library and share them on the big screen.”

-Keyboard Improvements

Like how you could use the iOS keyboard on your iPhone or iPad to enter text easily on the Apple TV, tvOS 10 now prompts the iOS keyboard to appear on your iPhone or iPad whenever the keyboard appears on the Apple TV. Assuming that your iOS device and Apple TV signed in with the same Apple ID.

-New Apps

There’s some third-party apps announced today, including Sling TV, Fox Sports Go, Molotov TV which offers over 100 live TV stations, along with game-based apps like Minecraft Story Mode and Sketch Party.

-New tvOS APIs And Tools

With ReplayKit, developers will be able to add recording and live broadcasting features into their apps. PhotoKit will allow for third-party apps to access photos and videos stored in the Photo Library and iCloud Shared Section.

Since it get support for badges just like in iOS so that users can  be alerted that an app needs their attention, and gaming is also set to be enhanced with support for up to four game controllers on one Apple TV, as well as Game Center enhancements via GameKit.

Release Date

The first developer facing pre-release beta 1 of tvOS 10 is available to download and install today. Developers can access this through the usual website provided they are already registered and enrolled members for the Apple Developer Program.

The initial public facing version – or the final build – of the platform will make its way into the web this coming fall, alongside the release of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra 10.12.

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