Windows 10 Anniversary Update To Officially Bring A Dark Theme Into PCs

During the Microsoft’s Build 2016 developer conference last week, hinted that an upcoming Windows 10 update would get a dark theme, allowing users to switch their current Windows experience for something a little less brightly colored skin. A new report now confirms to have had claimed that Microsoft’s own employees are currently using a build of Windows 10 that does indeed reveals a dark theme, corroborating Aul’s claims.

With that said, the Windows 10 update to be et to bring the new theme to users’ desktops is the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, will arrive for free this summer. Additional features and tweaks also coming alongside, this update may well be stick to bring a dark theme to Windows 10 PCs if reports are to be believed, indeed accurate. Keen to confirm Gabe Aul’s hint as accurate, Thurrott’s Brad Sams deposit asking people at Build what was going on. Sams now reports that those conversations have confirmed internal Windows 10 builds do indeed officially feature a dark theme mode than can be activated via a toggle in the Windows 10 Settings menu.

However, the aforementioned actually doesn’t confirm anything for the Anniversary Update, we see no reason for Microsoft’s own Gade Aul to make hints that something is on its way only for nothing to actually happen, and given the fact what we know Microsoft is testing the theme internally, it’s looking increasingly likely that Windows 10 users will soon be able to utilize a dark theme that will as a whole replace all interface elements with something a little darker.

Users of Windows 10, can’t wait for the Anniversary Update can already unofficially enable a dark mode – assuming they’re quite comfortable messing around in Regedit. Explained that in this post. Remember to create a restore point first before you go editing Windows Registry. To “Enable Dark Theme Mode In Windows 10”.


The dark theme that can be had on Windows 10 right now by creating a new key within Windows Registry

(Source: Thurrott)

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