Apple Introduces OTA Update Option With iOS 9.3 Beta Download For Developers

The Cupertino-based company heavily relies on testing abilities and feedback from developers when interacting with pre-release software. With frequent introduces developer seeds for iOS to the development community makes sense to receive feedbacks and bug reports that will essentially help shape the future of the platform and argue that it’s ready for the primetime release when it finally goes public. iOS 9.3 beta 1 roll out ultimately brought a number of exciting changes from a feature and usability perspective, though, it also introduced a new developer-friendly update option that will undoubtedly help remove some of the exasperations involved in updating devices to pre-release seeds.

Being a member of Apple Developer Program, you have been facing such issues in managing devices and installing Apple’s pre-release versions of iOS to devices with public version of iOS installed. First, downloading the actual IPSW firmware file directly from the official Developer site, and later with connecting to iTunes and the making manual restore process of firmware to get the device running the beta operating system, is somewhat more time wasting process. Historically this method has been admitted as the “norm”, but in 2016 it feels rediculous and entires outdated, technically. Apple accepting that, and released a new developer Configuration Profile that allows beta seeds of the program to be installed over-the-air (OTA) even if the device doesn’t currently have a pre-release version installed.

For that in real-time action. Developers are simnply invited to head on over and sign in to Apple Developer site here on iOS device. Right from there, you being a developer can then download and instrall the Configuration Profile directly to the iPhone or iPad device by clicking the ‘Download’ button as shown in the screenshot below.

These profiles essentially allow developers take a shortcut to the beta download section without needing to head to iTunes. All upgrading process includes an Apple Watch, or a Public Beta, are familiar with this OTA Option. Having that Configuration Profile installed then allows OTA updates to take place via Settings > General > Software Update.

Heading to that Software Update mechanism from a public version of iOS would simply show the software – up to date with no available download. Developers right there are more curious of saving of time and enjoy. A computer is no longer needed as part of the update process, meaning that you can instantly update to the latest beta version of iOS without having to dance with which Apple had in place. Finally, we have to say something about Apple, not only introducing new features to iOS, but at same time making things more easier for those who embrace the eosystem from a development perspective.

Go ahead and sign in now.

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