Sony Drops Price On Select PS4 Games In India; Brings Tearaway Unfolded To Retail

No, Sony hasn’t slashed PlayStation 4 price in India but eventually made a cut on four of its PS4 games, which includes Driveclub, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, and Tearaway Unfolded. Games that actually costs an MRP of Rs. 2,750 and have now been reduced to Rs 1,999. Interested ones can head over to grab these PS4 games in India.

Wait, the mosre surprising is that the Tearaway Unfolded is also listed on the PS4 games list, which actually haven’t made it to India at launch with sources at retail, which finally be skip the launch in the country due to low demand. Retailers have been made aware of the games’s availability for sale last week and have listed it accordingly.

The Driveclub is a PS4 game released last year and is still popular amongst PlkayStation 4 owners and have thriving online community. Introducing this charming platformer to a content hungry PS4 audience in India at an affordable price might just make it appealing enough for an impulse purchase.

About the Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack, which were PS4 launch titles, in particular did not stand out in any way, making them safely avaoidable. According to Sony itself, this offer is valid until stocks lasts. If you are being an owner of PS4 and looking for cheap games at retail, these more or less fulfill the requirement.

Not to be left out of the Christmas season deals and Sony offering it right at the end of the current calendar year. Enter 2016 happily.

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