Sony Now Confirms It’s Working On e-Paper FES Smartwatch [Video]


It was rumored in the past that Sony is working on a e-paper smart-wearable and today that report becomes official as the company has confirmed that it is behind the e-ink watch technology, said to the Wall Street Journal.

The e-paper watch is dubbed as FES watch and is a product of Sony’s Fashion Entertainment startup project. Report also mentions that is a subdivision of the Sony, and will be one that would examine how electronic paper can be used to create fashionable smartwatch tech products.

A report earlier claims that the FES watch focuses on style rather than functionality and wide era of features though, the face and band of the wearable are made of e-paper and further will work as display.


However, this electronic paper concept won’t be restricted to the watches, but the company is also said to be planning to be working on a bow tie made of the same e-paper material. Key features of the e-paper smartwatch will be its flexible design that changes depending on your gestures and movements. The strap of the watc can also be changed and add selected patterns like mock metal or faux leather.

The Sony’s e-paper e-Ink smartwatch is expected to last for about 60 days on a single charge. According to an individual who is involved with the FES Watch project discussed about the project with the WSJ stating, “We hid Sony’s name because we wanted to test the real value of the product, whether there will be demand for our concept.

The FES has raised over 3.5 million yen ($30,000) from more than 150 supporters, beating its original target of only 2 million yens.

Finally, the Sony FES watch with e-ink display will be available in May 2015, as mentioned by the Wall Street Journal report.

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