Sony PlayStation 5 With 10 TFLOPS GPU To Launch In 2018 Says Analyst

A new report surfaced claiming that Sony’s latest announcement of a redesigned PlayStation 4, a mid-range console upgrade – the all-new PlayStation 4 Pro that’s expanded the hardware’s functionality sufficiently should keep gamers entertained for at least few more years, but it didn’t stop Sony from releasing the PlayStation 5 in 2018.

According to Domain Thong, here we got something about what the upcoming PlayStation 5 might offer, along with a potential release date window, plus rumored specs and design architecture of the PS5. Said that it will launch as the most powerful gaming console on the market, even surpassing the Xbox Scorpio thanks to a 10 TFLOP GPU, but it won’t be here till late-2018, says analyst with Macquarie Research.

PS 5 Release date

The same analyst also previously correctly predicted the arrival of the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim, so his speculation on the 2018-bound PS5 do carry weight. According to Thong:

We see sustained profit growth in Game & Network Services. We forecast OP growth from ¥140bn in FY3/17 to ¥180bn in FY3/18, driven by expanding software sales and profits. A rising digital ratio and a higher mix of first-party titles will help margins – Horizon Zero Dawn, which launched on 28 Feb, looks to have had a good start with a Metacritic score of 88. While we have tempered expectations to account for rivalry with Microsoft/Xbox and PC gaming, we note that the success of PS VR (which has reached 915K units sold) highlights the health of the ecosystem. We expect Sony to launch a > 10 TFLOPS ‘PS5’ in 2H18 to secure the installed base.

Will there by a PS5?

With the release of Sony’s PlayStation Now many have speculated that physical consoles are a thing of the past. PS Now is purely a cloud-based gaming service that lets you play PlayStaion 3 games on the PS4, PS Vita and Bravia TVs while support for non-Sony and – PlayStation devices is slowly rolling out with the introduction of PlayStation Now for Windows.

Yet another time we think there will be a PS5. Not only does the PS4 brings in a majority of profit, Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida has been quoted as saying the future of the PlayStation is up to developers. And said:

“If they still feel that we need more machine power – ‘we want to realise this and that and that, but we cannot do it with the PS4’ – there’s a good reason to have the PS5 so developers can create their vision”.

However, Thong’s thinking on the PS5 launch window does not quite mirror that of Micheal Patcher of Wedbush Morgan – recently announced that he expects Sony’s next big thing of console release to be lifted up somewhere in 2020, giving the PS4 Pro an understandable longer run considering it has just arrived.

While Patcher also expects the new Sony release to coincide with the moment at which 4K televisions become the standard, whereas despite 4K being already available right this moment the 1080p resolution remains the one at which vast majority of gamers will be viewing in. Also Read: You Will Be Able To Stream PS4 Games To PC Using This Ultimate App [Video]

Other things to consider here is that the PS4 is immensely powerful but, unlike the thousands of gaming PCs with which it competes, Sony’s console doesn’t benefit much from the possibility of regular processor and graphics updates. Undoubtedly, we will reach the stage where the PS4 is notably inferior to PCs, and the game developers will demand more power. In this case, with PlayStation Now Sony will be able to keep customers happy by allowing them to continue using their PS4 games on a new PS5.

Potential PlayStation 5 / Sony PS5 UK release date

Since the first version of PlayStation was released 20 years ago, and there were seven years between the launches of the PS3 and PS4. The original PS4 launched in late-2013 and has since gone through revision which saw the PS4 Pro become the first 4K-enabled home gaming console. With Microsoft Xbox Scorpio is also on the horizon and promises to give Microsoft’s platform a push into the world of 4K gaming. We got nothing regarding when that will be released.


Games consoles are basically long-lifecycle products, with customers investing considerable expense or budget in both the platform and its proprietary titles. However, Sony is reportedly working on shorter timeframes between its PlayStation launches – at least that’s the impression given by AMD, which manufactured the hardware powering the PS4.

Speaking on the PS5 design now? Concept images of the PlayStation 5 have already popped up on the internet web, including those used to illustrate this article (courtesy of David Hansson). Suspecting that it will retain the black box, blue light theme, but will be more sleeker and more stylish than before. And if PlayStation Now is able to let it do away with discs, it could naturally be more compact to. Also Read: PS4 Backwards Compatibility With Sony PS2 Games Confirmed


Specifications-wise, now that we know very little about PS5’s hardware. Going by AMD’s enthusiasm over the PS4, we can only assume it will remain onboard the Sony ship for the PS5. It might become a ‘thing’ with virtual reality. Project Morpheus, a virtual-reality system that works with PS4, suggest Sony is looking forward in this direction for future consoles like PS5. Such technology should eventually allows for truly impressive gameplay, allowing you to really feel as though you are in the game. Also Read: Here’s How To Share PS4 Games Using PlayStation Network

Something else to speak is that PlayStation TV may also be important to the PS5’s development. Question is whether we could see this wireless streaming functionality built into the PS5. Possibility is that PlayStation Now will allow Sony to remove the optical drive, but again some sort of provision for offline gaming there – perhaps a flash storage drive – would be required. Also Read: Project Morpheus Is Sony’s PS4 VR Headset Boasts 120Hz Refresh Rate

Rumored Sony PlayStation 5: PS5 UK price

Not knowing everything on what exactly on offer, it’s impossible to accurately predict how much the PS5 will cost. With the PS2 costing £300, the PS3 £425 and the PS4 £349, we can only look further assuming Sony will stick around the  £400 mark. After all, it has other consoles and gaming PCs wit which to compete be Microoft Xbox Scorpio.

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