Sony PS4 Slim 500GB Console In New Glacier White Color Announced

Sony has just announced that the PlayStation 4 Slim will no longer only be offered with a black finish, but will also be available in a new version of the extremely popular console dressed in the stunning Glacier White color. Want to compete with amongst the millions of global PlayStation 4 owners in usual black paint, now you can fancy a PS4 Slim console in another light color.

The newly announced device however, doesn’t actually come with actual hardware or internal component changes. Consumers will still be getting their hands on the same PlayStation 4 Slim console that has been on sale directly on Sony Store since late 2016. It will also come with the same internal 500GB hard drive. And the shape/overall form of the PS4 Slim will remain, and will feature a black middle sandwich between two gorgeous Glacier White slabs that from the top and bottom of the console.

In an effort to mix up the range, and potentially entice a few consumers over to the Sony base who may have otherwise opted for one of Microsoft’s Robot White Xbox One S console, the Japanese manufacturer will be offering the same stunning white hardware from January 24th.

Those who purchase the new device will actually also be getting the console, a matching DualShock 4 controller, which as you can see from the images below, and also looks simply unreal in this new exterior.

Additionally, Sony will be releasing the Glacier White version into the European market this coming Jan. 24th for €299. A follow up launch will take place in Japan on February 23rd where a 1TB version of the console will also be available in the similar new finish.

Surprisingly enough, there’s no official word from Sony on the United States release of this product, and it will be interesting to find out how many people immediately opt for ownership of a Glacier White PlayStation 4 Slim, and hold off on the purchase in anticipation of a relatively similar version being released for the PlayStation Pro.

Although the new color may look stunning, but would you essentially purchase the same device twice to get it in white if you were an existing console owner? Let’s hope there’s a similar PlayStation 4 Pro announcement sooner rather than later.

What is your answer? Share your thoughts about the stunning Sony PS4 Slim Console in a new Glacier White color through usual channels.

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