Sony Reportedly Unlocks PlayStation 4’s 7th CPU Processing Core For Developers

Microsoft’s Xbox One from the launch day has been carrying a performance shortfall when compared to the Sony’s PS4. Hardware choices made during the design stage by Microsoft meant a games console that can’t quite match the Japanese offering with PlayStation 4. Microsoft’s engineers have been trying to close the gap, but it now looks like Sony is about to unlock more performance and pull further ahead of the Xbox One again.

For that Sony Computer Entertainment may have recently updated the PS4 console’s software development kit, enabling developers to use the seventh core to increase game performance. Boththe Xbox One and PS4 use an 8-core AMD CPUs, but initially two of those cores where reserved in either console for background operations and the OS to function.

In order to close the performance gap, Microsoft unlocked more GPU bandwidth and the 7th core on Xbox One last year, while this did give dev’s more performance to use from, which it meant losing a few features including voice commands and disabling Kinect functionality. Since then, the Xbox One performance has been closer to PS4, but unfortunately can’t match it in most games, those run at a lower resolution.

Bad news for Microsoft today is that Sony has silently rolled out a new Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers and it does the same thing: unlocks that 7th processor core. Impact of this change however won’t be seen so suddenly, but games in development for Sony’s console right now should be able to take advantage of the extra performance this will offer. End result seems inevitable: the PS4 will increase the performance gap to its competitor, or else the so-called rival, Microsoft.


The performance comparisons between the two big gaming console machines won’t stop anytime soon, and wlll happen every time a multi-platform release hist the shelves. What Microsoft can do to fix, is to close the gap and it probably won’t be a major focus for them. Instead it’s the game that count, and that too in particular exclusive games. Not times exclusives like Tom Raider, but Xbox-only release if they can be secured.

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