Sony Unveils New, Cheaper PlayStation VR Bundle With PS Camera

Sony is dropping the price of its two PlayStation VR bundles, which offers the headset, camera, a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds. Those who have as yet held off making the jump into the world of virtual reality can now rejoice with the news that Sony is cutting the price of entry into PSVR, its VR platform for the PlayStation 4.

Sony has unveiled a new PlayStation VR bundle that comes packaged with the PlayStation Camera. The bundle according to PlayStation Blog, will only be available across the US and Canada and is priced at $399 USD/$499 CAD. The camera is ever since required to use the VR headset and had largely been sold separately outside of retailer-specific bundles and the original launch day bundle revealed for the VR headset prior to its launch last year.

Two newly priced bundles will go officially on sale September 1st, so if you were looking forward to pick one up in the next few days, it might be a very good idea to hold off making that purchase until the new month rolls around.

The new pricing structure has already been informed for the core PS VR package. This has often caused much upset amongst gamers, so the move to finally include the camera as standard is one that is overdue.

This bundle is now taking the place of the existing $400 PSVR package, which only came with the headset and necessary cables. Sony is also looking to cut the price of the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle, which offers the headset, camera, a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds game, and two PlayStation Move controllers, by $50. It now costs $450 in the United States and $580 in Canada. That bundle will also be available for purchase beginning on September 1.

Retailers had often bundled a PlayStation Camera into the core PS VR headset package as part of their own promotions. This move by Sony makes the package official, ensuring the price will be available across all retailers and at all times rather than buyers having to rely on offers being available when they want to make their purchase.

Back in June, PSVR surpassed 1 million units sold worldwide, with over 5 million PSVR games sold as well. Sony revealed four new games for the headset earlier this year, including StarChild. Sony’s PlayStation VR is perhaps the most accessible way into virtual reality for gamers looking to dip their toe in, with many already owning the PlayStation hardware required.

This price deduction aka price drop definitely gives even more people the chance to experience virtual reality in their own home, although there is no denying it is still a costly venture regardless.

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