Sony Xperia Z3+ Update Released, Aims At Fixing Overheating Issues

Sony won’t be the only one manufacturer who acknowledged that the Sandragon 810 shipset at the heart of the Xperia Z3+ / Xperia Z4v overheats, it was also from the LG Electronics G4 has faced such problems in the past just after its release. Qualcomm still hasn’t rolled out any fix for that situation though, Sony released the remedy 28.0.A.7.24 update to get rid of that issue fixed.

Owners of Xperia Z3+ receiving the update weighing at around 70MB and leaves the Android version at 5.0.2. Availavle in your region, can check by navigating to Settings – About – Software Updates from the menu. Once found, you can simply install the OTA update directly from your Z3+ phone or from a computer manually, and not user data will be affected.

Update for Sony Xperia Z3+ released now for those who are in trouble with the device’s S810 SoCs. How exactly this update is meant to resolve the overheating issues is not clear as yet, but the simpliest way to do is that throttle the CPU and GPU clockspeeds, which Sony could have a more elaborate solution.

HTC had similar issues with the One M9 and the update is issued did perfectly does its job and reduced the issue (slowed it down, but did not solve it permanently), which this came at the cost of lower benchmarks. It has also rolled out another update to keep its M9 cooler while it charges, and wrangling Snapdragon 810 into address is no easy task.

For Xperia Z3+, Sony said that they were working on the fix to counter the heating issues plaguing the Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor and it seems to have arrived. Now, many manufacturers have rolled out software patches to fix heating issues with the Snapdragon 810 chipset with varying Degrees of success.


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