Sony’s Dual-Lens Camera Platform To See In Devices From Major Smartphone Players

Including Apple’s iPhone 7? Sony, the manufacturer behind many of the camera sensor used in the past by Apple’s iOS devices, has recently confirmed that its dual-lens camera inclusion will be featured in devices from all primary smartphone makers in 2016. First and foremost Cybershot camera sensor introduced on a smartphone was Sony, the Japanese firm shared information during the company’s recent Q3 2015 earnings call and was highlighted by Xperiablog.

Now that the camera technology used by Sony on a wide range of smartphone manufacturers, as oft-mentioned adds Apple as major one, and Yoshida declined to name specific companies that would take advantage of Sony’s dual-lens camera platform. For that unknown! Dual-lens technology was previously used in smartphone such as the HTC One M8, and trending option following rumors that Apple plans to incorporate the more popular dual-lens system into its iPhone 7 Plus.


Apple is also said to be planning to integrate dual-lens technology it acquired firm Israeli camera firm LinX in the iPhone 7 Plus, but still be incorporating Sony sensor components into its camera module. Just yesterday, it was also said that Apple has began testing dual-lens camera samples from a range of manufacturers in Taiwan, Japan, and China.

According to the Sony CFO Kenchiro Yoshida, the dual-lens camera systems will be coming from multiple major smartphone manufacturers this year, but because of slowdowns in the high-end smartphone market could takeoff production. In 2017, it will be the year when the dual-lens camera platform really impact.

“Well, for next year, our so-called dual lens – dual camera platform will be launched by, we believe, from major smartphone players. However, as I said previously, recently, our smartphone market is growing and particularly, our high-end smartphone market is now slowing down. So, that may impact the demand or production schedule of dual camera smartphones by the major smartphone manufacturers. So, we believe the real start, the takeoff of smartphone with dual lens camera will be in the year of 2017.”

Rumors already speaks about the integration of a dual-lens camera system into the Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus to differentiate it from the iPhone 7, which will continue to offer a more traditional single-lens camera. Apple’s first dual-lens system will be making its debut at the end of 2016, likely in September. Should Apple follow through with its plans?

Seven more months left for the launch of iPhone 7. Details about the new device have been steadily trickling out. Design of the yet unannounced iPhone 7 shared a similar iPhone 6s design but this time with a flush rear camera and no antenna bands across the back. Other rumors suggest it will have improved waterproof and no headphone 3.5mm audio jack.

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