How To Get SoundCloud++ On iOS 11 [No Jailbreak Required]

We have a better guide to download and install SoundCloud++ iOS 11 IPA on your compatible iPhone. That too no jailbreak required for this to work in just five minutes of your time.

Here’s how you can do so

First thing first, you are not going to grab the official iOS App Store to get this app installed. You can download SoundCloud from the App Store, and that’s the app you are after and happy with the limitations that it provides, then we got something that lets you get the official version for ease of updates and continued progression.

Those looking to get a little more powerful, such as the modified “++” version, then SoundCloud++ is where you need to have. Giving you full access to all of the native features, SoundCloud++ also introduces the free concept of downloading and saving tracks to the device for offline access at a later date.

We have already pushed out a post on how you can get SoundCloud++ on iOS 10 without liberating your iPhone. If that’s your best experiences seems like that you want to have installed on your iOS 11-powered iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, then you will be more delighted to learn that it doesn’t actually come with a lengthy or complicated installation process to make that happen successfully.

For that, you all need to be in a progression of the SoundCloud++ 64-bit IPA file for iOS 11. This can be downloaded from here. Once you have that file, it is then a case of getting the app sideloaded onto the device.

There are different ways to use SoundCloud, as you can also convert them into MP3 tracks and other formats. SoundCloud is one of the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform. With 150 million tracks and growing, and SoundCloud is where you can find the next big artists alongside chart-topping albums, live sets, and remixes altogether.

The SoundCloud app on your iPhone and iPad lets you hear more of what you want to hear of. One of the best podcast streaming platform that even allows you listen to millions of songs from around the globe, or upload your own. 180 minutes of free uploads available. Connect directly with your audience for free of cost, instantly.

In order to experience the real music entertainment on your iOS devices, you’ll have to sideload SoundCloud++ IPA file on your handsets. This process doesn’t require a jailbreak but does need either Xcode or Cydia Impactor. And yes, the process is the same as it previously was for devices running iOS 10 so our previous tutorial may help. You can head on over and view that tutorial and the process here for sideloading. Just make sure you use the correct IPA file of SoundCloud++ linked above when following those instructions.

Like most “++” apps, SoundCloud++ is another great example of how much more powerful an App Store app can be when you offer just a small piece of tweaked functionality. In fact, it’s the ability to download and save tracks for offline streaming, which is actually unbelievably handy for an app of this nature used on mobile devices.

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