Spotify App Updates For macOS Bring Full Touch Bar Support For MacBook Pro

Recently it was the Spotify Mac app that has been updated with support for the Touch bar on the 2016 MacBook Pro. Now, another upgrade from Spotify for its Mac app brings full support for Touch Bar on MacBook Pro. Here are the details on how to download and install the Spotify update just after this jump.

How the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar works

The MacBook Pro in this year has came with Touch bar feature and was unveiled at the past months “Hello Again” event. The new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar made many quickly dismiss the feature as a novelty, but it seemed that many were soon finding out how indispensable the feature has become, particularly when users who use their MacBook Pros for photo and video editing.

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The Spotify app for macOS has been receiving an update. If you open Spotify, users will be able to search, shuffle and repeat tracks, use traditional play/pause/skip controls, and even able to adjust the app’s volume as well. In the background of the streaming app Spotify, the Touch Bar will update with a Spotify playback scrubbing tool as well as play and pause buttons similar to iTunes.

Spotify users will be pleased to know and learn about Spotify has updated its Mac app and it will now coming with Touch Bar support. Fully means that it’s just like Apple Music and iTunes. Users of Spotify on their MacBook Pro will be able to take control over media playback on their laptops via the Touch Bar and do things like aforementioned steps and even launch a search box so that users can search for their best songs and tracks on top.

Spotify macOS Touch Bar controls

As expected that Spotify will eventually add support for macOS Sierra running MacBook Pros with Touch Bar as it makes sense, and finally we are glad to not have wait too long for it to roll out. In addition to the Touch Bar support, Spotify gets support for Apple’s AirPods headphones/earbuds in which the streamer will now be able to automatically pause the music streams when it ditches that one of the AirPods has been taken out of user’s ear. By the way the whole process will also be able to automatically resume playback once the earphones are put back in. Great!

Users have discovered that auto-pause on connected AirPods works by means, so once again, when the AirPods is removed from the ear while a song on Spotify is playing, the track will stop automatically. Just like how it goes with iTunes and Apple Music, when placed back within the ear, Spotify’s music will automatically be resumed.

Automatic resuming of music doesn’t however work when both AirPods are taken apart, or when users are only using one AirPod to begin with. With that said, many Sppotify users on the new MacBook Pro, let Touch Bar support should make listening to the streaming music service a more integrated experience with Apple’s notebook. Many of those Spotify users waiting for the streaming service to announce support for other Apple products, including apps for the Apple Watch and the fourth-generation Apple TV. Neither platform is expected to be supported by the company ‘anytime soon’.


For now to those who really want to gain the most out of music listening on Apple’s devices, Apple Music has been the streaming service of choice. Best industry leader Spotify is still on top with 40 million subscribers as of September 2016, but Apple Music is also gaining ground breaking reports on its rival with a reportedly 20 million paid subscribers now listening to the service of Music.

Experience the relatively original power of music streaming with Spotify Mac app with now offering full Touch Bar support options.

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